Laptop won't power on! help

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Hi, I have an Acer Travelmate 4002 WLMi, and yesterday I was changing
the order of the Boot devices on the BIOS control panel, and left it
running (on battery mode) by mistake. When I came back a few hours
later the PC was shut down, and now it's completely "dead" (no LEDs
when connected to ac power, absolutely no reaction when you press the
power on button).
I left it connected to an outlet during the night but it didn't change

I assume the internal power management thing completely ran out of
energy with the BIOS menu running for hours...
Any idea of what I can do, which components may be affected and do you
think I should get an official Acer repairer to do it?

I need it urgently because I've got all my study documents on the HD,
and I'm in the middle of my exams.

Thanks in advance for your reply!
PS: do you think the hard drive may be affected?

Re: Laptop won't power on! help

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Will it power up when the battery is removed?  I am conjecturing here, that
somehow, once the battery ran down the system remained on and drawing power
from the battery.  The problem here is that the battery may have over
discharged.  If this is the case, then the battery management circuit has
locked the battery out because it can be dangerous to charge a battery in
such a condition (See the thread entitled 'Photo of an exploding Laptop' for
an illustration of what can happen).

Others will state that such a battery can be safely charged as it has only
been in this condition for a short time.  While this may be true, there are
a number of precautions that must be taken, and I would only recommend the
practice to someone who really knows what they are doing - a little
knowledge here can really be a dangerous thing.

I should emphasise that this failure mode is conjecture, and that you
should, if possible, try your battery in another machine and/or try another
battery in your machine.  If the battery is over-discharged, then ideally,
you need to replace it.

Re: Laptop won't power on! help

Thanks for your reply, but the problem isn't the battery, because even
when connected to an ac outlet (without the battery) it just won't
still power on.

It looks like some kind of internal battery (I'm not an hardware
expert, so I'm just guessing) connected to the BIOS ran out of energy
as well, and that is now preventing the whole system from booting, not
even reacting when connected to an outlet.

Am I right? If yes, is that battery usually a simple component that you
can easily replace?

Re: Laptop won't power on! help

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If the BIOS battery has expired, the system should still boot.  It will just
have to auto reconfigure its BIOS when it does so.

Re: Laptop won't power on! help

Thank you so much for your answers! Hopefully the problem was much less
serious than expected, I borrowed a charger from a friend and now
everything is working fine.

It looked pretty bad because it was the first time the LEDs didn't
flash when I tried to power on the pc. That was just because the
battery was completely empty after shutting down in the BIOS menu. That
plus a suddenly not working charger, it became a bit scary ;)

Thanks once again!

Re: Laptop won't power on! help

CMOS/BIOS internal power management settings
and  the order of the boot device won't stop
a CPU  from powering up  ( however, a bad
BIOS EPROM update can render a motherboard
useless  ). If the CMOS loses power the BIOS
will  reset to its default setting

The things that will cause the laptop not to
power up with a AC power unit connected.

1) motherboard failure  (this does not appear
   to be the case - but a repair would  require a visit
   to the shop)  This will not likely affect the hard
  drive.   However, if your motherboard
  has failed AND if you need the data in a hurry
  THEN get a certified tech to  backup the data
  on your laptop's hard drive to a CD before
  you send the computer to the shop (so you
  can continue your work on  another computer).

2) dead battery  ( this is probably your problem)
 some laptops will not run even if  connected
 to a AC powersupplies if the battery pack is
 dead.  Swapping your current battery pack  with
 a  known  working battery pack will solve this
 problem most of the time.  If you don't have a
 spare battery pack  then  you  should
 get one since - you have critical data
 on the laptop AND  you aren't backing
 up your data on a regular basis. wrote:
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Re: Laptop won't power on! help

There is one other thing to try.
Unplug the AC Adapter from the notebook and the wall outlet.
Remove the battery. Wait 10 seconds.
Reconnect the AC Adapter to the notebook and the wall then try to boot
the computer with the battery still removed from the notebook.
It will probably start.
After you have proven the computer still works you can continue using
it.  When you are finished shut the unit off and unplug the AC Adapter
from the computer and the wall again.
Wait until the notebook cools off then install the battery followed by
the AC to the notebook and finally to the wall.
Let it sit and charge while the unit is off.
Watch the indiator lights.  It may take up to 20 to 30 minutes for the
battery charge light to start flashing.
When it does the battery should be taking a charge.  Leave the computer
off for about 4 hours to allow for a full charge.
After the four hours see if it can boot with the battery and how much
battery life it shows.  Test to see if the battery still is holding a
charge and functioning properly.

If the battery does not take a charge then it most likely was in poor
condition and the over discharge finished it off.

If it runs off of AC but wont charge the battery there is still a slim
chance that the problem is from the motherboard and not the battery
however that is unlikely.
If you have another battery or notebook to test interchange with that
would be advised.

Good luck, wrote:
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