laptop with bad memory - help please!

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Go a Toshiba A65 Satellite.  It's got internal memory and, when you flip it
over and remove a plastic plate access to add additional memory.

I assume the "internal" ram is hard to access and difficult to replace(?)

The memory seems bad. Since there's no added ram I assume it's the
"internal" 256meg of ram that's bad.

The system is completely non-bootable from HD or a repair CD. So from a USB
floppy drive I ran some self-booting RAM testers - and the ram tests bad
from start to finish.

I've looked at the bios - it seems OK but I'm not sure - if there's
something I could try in the bios screen I could try that...

Any advice appreciated and welcomed.

Lee G.

PS on booting from the HD it says "not bootable CD in drive" then later it
says isapnp.sys is corrupted. But bottom line is that the RAM tests BAD...

Re: laptop with bad memory - help please!

frisky wrote:
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There are 18 different versions of your laptop and the specs and full
data is to be found here;

In a random sappling it seems all have the same memory configuration of
356MB fixed and one SODimm slot with up to 1024 MB. However, toshiba
does not have a dissasembly diagram available. Your on your own to try
to find the built in memory. It will be near the plugin memory and you
may be able to see if it's socke5ted or not.

Re: laptop with bad memory - help please!

Tear down is here:


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