Laptop will not turn on

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My Toshiba Satellite has gone screwy.  I've had it for over a year,
and it's worked brilliantly.  Problem now is I can't get it to turn
on.  The power cord is fine - in fact, I ordered a new one because I
thought that was the problem.  I've taken the battery out, and I'm
trying to run only on AC power.  If I wiggle the cord around and try
a few times, I can sometimes get it to turn on.  Most of the time it
then shuts off after a few seconds.  Occasionally it will stay on,
but if I jostle the computer at all, it will just shut off.  The
light on the front that indicates that it is on AC power is on,
though it blinks sometimes.

I'm assuming that I have a problem inside the computer.  A friend did
trip over the power cord once, which bent the part that plugs into
the computer, but that was 6 months ago and the computer has been
fine up until now.  Help!

Re: Laptop will not turn on

yepi8them schreef:
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It sounds like the power connector is faulty.
If it's still under under warranty: take it to your supplier (don't
mention the part about your friend, just the part about the wiggling).

If it's not under warranty: try to solder it back yourself!

Good luck!

MegaMad - Leo

Re: Laptop will not turn on

Almost certainly a bad solder joint at the power receptical.

If you are in warranty, extended or otherwise, let the warranty provider
deal with it.  But if you are out of warranty, this is a frustrating
problem, because while the fix should be trivial ($5 to $10 for parts
(if needed at all) and maybe 30 to 60 minutes of labor), but it requires
soldering (see some other recent posts today on the subject of
soldering).  Consequenly, it's not often done, and you will usually be
told to "replace the motherboard" ($300 to $600 for the parts .... plus
the same labor).

There are guys on E-Bay who sell replacement power jacks for many of the
most common models, but quite often the jack isn't even bad, it just
needs to be resoldered.  The power jack is usually on the motherboard,
but sometimes recently it's a separate cabinet part with a short cable
that plugs into the motherboard.

By the way, it's very likely that the problem was caused directly by the
person tripping over the cord.  This can exert sideways pressure of more
than 100 pounds on the plastic jack, and is a common cause of this problem.

yepi8them wrote:

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Re: Laptop will not turn on

Hey all - thanks so much for your time and thoughts.  Looks like I'll
need to bring it in, as my soldering expertise is somewhat lacking.
Thanks a load...

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