laptop where fan doesn't go on or isn't audible?

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i'd like a laptop where the fan doesn't go on or isn't audible?

I have seen a toshiba p4-M 1.9 GHz it typically goes to 50+ degrees
C.  That temp sets off the fan to bring the temp down.

I'd like a laptop whose processor stays at a lower temperature..

does the pentium-M stay lower?

any other options?
I won't be getting a core 2 duo any time soon but still would like to
know how they compare temp-wise or fan wise..    AMD Turion laptops?
any way to decrease temp of my one? i'm clutching straws. just
wondering what the options are..

I have some software for undercocking and supposedley undervolting, or
just detecting temp. i'm not sure it's helping much. speedfan,
notebook hardware control(doesn't seem so good for this processor,
won't let me choose voltages and multipliers), speedstepxp(suposed to
be for this processor). There's  also a little icon in the taskbar
with speedstep technology where i can choose battery optimised instead
of max performance.

I reckon some northwoods are anomalies that run hotter than others and
some much cooler..  I did have a p4 2..8 that ran below 40 and a p4
2.4 that ran in the 50s. Maybe my p4-m is not one of the oddly cool
ones. or maybe it's an oddly warm one.

Re: laptop where fan doesn't go on or isn't audible?

hi, i have dell laptop with a AMD Turion processer in it and when
running it is almost silent

Re: laptop where fan doesn't go on or isn't audible?

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Where I have rambled i've tagged to indicate it.  So as not to cloud/
distort the discussion

that is of interest.. though when you say "almost silent" !!

do you know if it's the CPU fan making a noise? or some fan?

<crap>a fan noise may be PSU fan. (I wonder if my toshiba has one! I
think I only hear CPU heatsink's fan. maybe one cools both. i don't

there are other potential noises, like HDD. I can stomach that one!

could you tell me the exact model of the dell laptop?

do you monitor the temperature? if you have an interest in that, could
you tell me what temp it is at idling i.e. just sitting around in
windows not doing anything.   Many progs tell you the temp.. Speedfan
is a nice program for that. It gives about 3 temps that may be cpu(one
of which is the processor though i never know which, they tend to be
similar. I tend to assume the highest of the 3 is for a worst case

you've got a dangerous name. Somebody might read it as crzygal not
crzyal and you'll get some funny emails. (I skipped the 'a' for weird
reasons) akin to not writing full email addresses. spam , though i
doubt it'd cause s aproblem if i included the 'a'. Just being extreme/
paranoid/fanatical in not wanting to cause you a problem.

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