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I am looking for a really cheap working laptop. I cannot offer much
since I don't have a Job 'cause no one wants to hire me because of
my "Major Depression". Well anyways like I said I am looking for a
cheap laptop that I can surf the internet, write letters, email and
chat, Downloading Files and music, etc..,

Laptop wanted with this and or more:
128MB Memory or More.
HDD must hold allot.
PCMCIA card.
Windows ME or 2000
56K V.90 Modem
cd player (CD-ROM DRIVE,
3.5" floppy,
usb ports,
built in speaker and microphone output
Pentium 2 300MHZ or better

Thanks to anyone who can help me out and I will only deal with HONEST

I can send payment by Paypal.

I have seen Laptops sell on Ebay for $.99 to 40$ and I always bid on
the $.99 but always get out bided by another bidder which really sucks.
You can email me at


On 8 Dec 2004 18:59:47 -0800, wrote:
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Man, any $40 computer is probably a Pentium 1 or less.  I got a 400 MHz P2
with XP installed, 128 MBs RAM, small hard drive (4 gigs), just for
surfing (WiFi) & occasionally logging into my home network.   All I can
say is that I feel lucky to get it at $220, plus I had to buy a new
battery - another $70.  There you go - I don't think you can touch a
high-speed capable P2 for much less than $300 - better to buy one that
says weak battery but works with transformer & then you know when you buy
a battery you have as good one.

Good luck finding a $40 laptop.. hehehehee..  those bids on eBay.. a waste
of time, at least for computer related stuff,..  whatever you bid, even if
it is sticking, at the very last minute you get out-bid - probably the
owner of the computer or part or his friend, because the bid isn't high
enough . I only buy computer stuff there for a "buy at this price".

Re: LAPTOP WANTED! writes:
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You can probably get this in the $200-300 range on ebay.  $40 is

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