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where can I find a cheep laptop for my 13 year old son to play with ( and
break within a week )

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e-Bay of course. You can get a low end Pentium (75-166MHz) for around
$50-$100 or so. So if he breaks it, I guess it's not that big a deal.

Re: laptop wanted


You can get working laptops for $10 (shipping will be more than the
laptop).  Look for Toshiba 400-series machines, for example.  Try to
stick with those that have a "CDT" suffix, and avoid the 400 to 415's
(so you might want to look at a 430CDT or a 440CDT).  Pay attention to
the included drives and memory.  The 420CDT to 435CDT won't be very
useful.  You can do a bit more with the 440CDT to 490CDT  [The CDS
models are the same computers with an older technology inferior screen].
  You can get these for $10 to $40 with no problems.  [Technically,
these range from 100MHz Pentiums to 166MHz Pentium MMX's].

The 300 series (300 to 335)(again with CDT or CDS suffixes, CDT is much
preferred) are much better machines, more than twice as fast and
typically with a lot larger hard drives and a lot more memory, and they
are still under $100 (sometimes way under, I've gotten 335CDTs for under
$30 on fairly rare occasion).  Try to stick with the 320CDT and 330CDT,
which 233MHz and 266MHz Pentium MMX's.

There are LOTS of useable machines on E-Bay for under $100.  You can
often get Toshiba 4020's and IBM 770E Thinkpads for less than $100.
These have larger XGA (1024x768) screens and Pentium II processors.  At
this point you are dealing with machines that can run Windows XP if they
have enough memory.  And they are still available (at least with
moderate frequency) for less than $100.  And there are many more models
as well.

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