laptop upgrade: memory or CPU?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop;  512MB RAM, 1.6Ghz Intel Pentium M CPU

Which will give me more bang for the buck (for ~$350 CAN), in terms of
enhanced system performance:

1. Upgrade to 2GB RAM (SODIMM DDR PC2700 333Mhz)
2. Upgrade to Intel Pentium M 2.13 Ghz /533Mhz FSB chip


Re: laptop upgrade: memory or CPU?

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 04:53:15 GMT, "Sabian Smith"

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The ram is a lot more doable.  Id start by upgrading to 1gb, which
will probably do for the vast majority of applications.  Only upgrade
the cpu if you have the experience to disasemble laptops and get them
back together right, or you have enough spare change to buy a new one.

Re: laptop upgrade: memory or CPU?

It's not a given that you can upgrade to a Pentium M 2.13, unless this
model was offered with that chip.  There may be significant differences
between the chip you have now and that one.

An upgrade to 1GB of RAM might make a noticeable difference (depending
on what you do), but going from 1GB to 2GB is unlikely to do much unless
you are running some very memory-intensive applications.  For normal
desktop use, most of the benefit from increasing memory has been
realized even by the time you get to 512M.

If you are talking about spending $350, your best out might be to sell
the entire laptop on E-Bay, and combine the proceeds of the sale with
the $350 and get a new laptop.

Sabian Smith wrote:
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