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I'm about to replace my ageing desktop with a 17" widescreen laptop.
I'm hoping that it's going to kill two birds with one stone by using it
as my TV too, but I've a few questions!

1.  I was planning to go for the Mesh Dynamo 1700
( ).
 You can get it with an integrated TV tuner.  Has anyone got one?  Is
it any good?  Any other thoughts?  I'm thinking not: I can't upgrade it
without upgrading the laptop.

2.  With digital and HDTV coming out I'd like to make sure that the
laptop can support it ok.  Now, digital's ok I think as most tuners now
support both analogue and digital, however what about HDTV?
Additionally, HDTV support is only any good if I've got the screen
resolution to do it justice - does that mean that I have to go for a
WUXGA (1920x1200) rather than WSXGA (1600x1050) - in which case I
wouldn't be able to see much when I'm using it to work on?  Should I
really care if I've got HDTV capability?!

3.  Should I go USB or with PCMCIA?  I'm thinking USB.  Anyone
recommend a good USB tuner (with good recording software)?



Re: Laptop TV tuners

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That was my plan before to get  a multimedia notebook with an
integrated TV tuner, but what I foundout from Toshiba Qosmio series
loaded with media center, the tuners work only in the country where its
sold. If you bring the in your overseas trip you cannot use it.
Therefore when Sony offered their  VGN- A59GP  and it has a USB type I
choose it instead. Still the DVICO HDTV DVB-T  USB TV tuner supplied
which can be  is good only for Australia and Europe. That is better I
can just leave the supplied TV tuner and can get another one compatible
with the country that I am traveling to.
Regarding performance, I am pleased with the Dvico HDTV tuner.and the
picture quality is really good as long as you had a good  external
antennae.where its connected to the decoder.

If you are using a laptop and the TV tuner is pre installed in the
motherboard its difficult to upgrade it than when installed in a
desktop tower.. Unless you buy a new unit with an advanced tuner you
are fixed with that you got.
Therefore if laptop is in your mind where you use a TV tuner go for the
USB type.

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Recently the DVICO released their FUSION HDTV ( can receive both
digital and analogue signals )  but unfortunately its only available in
PCMCIA not in USB.

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My Sony VGN- A59GP,39050488,39096200p,00.htm,39050490,39096200p,00.htm

 Have the former ( 1920 x 1200 )and its really good, but Tuners can
work also in other resolutions.

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recommend a good USB tuner (with good recording software)?

Think of it carefully, if you want to use your notebook at home you can
get the unit with preinstalled TV tuner( PCMCIA?) but if you want to
travel overseas, and plan to carry your entertainment notebook with you
 its better to get the USB..
You can just leave your tuner at  home and you can get the local TV
tuner in USB to use in your u unit..
.Besides you got the flexibility to upgrade the tuner when the time

Re: Laptop TV tuners

There's a product on the web called "PCShowBuzz" which claims to turn
your PC into a super TV.  I'm extremely leary of such a claim for a
product so cheap, but I have not been able to find an honest review
of it.  Anyone here ever hear anything about it?


Roy wrote:
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Re: Laptop TV tuners

Don Heller wrote:

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They seem to be charging money for something that does much the same job as
googling "internet tv".


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