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Hope someone can answer me this question.

I am trying to hookup my toshiba laptop to my tv. My laptop has s video
port, but my TV doesn't has. However, I do have a s-video to rca cable.

Now, the question is how do I get the computer sound from the TV.

Should I connect the audio output from the laptop to the TV using a mini
-RCA cable? Or I should use a svideo-rca3 (Red White Yellow) cable? I
thought svideo is just video signal. Why there is such thing of
svideo-rca3(3 plug including audio) cable?

Many thinks


Re: laptop to TV connection - audio

The only audio output on most laptops is the headphone jack, so you have
to get whatever adapter will let you feed the headphone output (it is
stereo, usually a 3/8-inch minature phone jack) into whatever
connections you have on the TV (most commonly, red and white RCA jacks).

None of this has ANYTHING to do with the Video signal (S-Video).  There
are S-Video to composite monochrome adapters, presumably you have one of
these.  [An S-Video connector is actually 2 separate signals (think of
it as two RCA jacks), the monochrome composite video signal and the
chroma signal.  You can make a passable color composite signal by simply
mixing these two together with a small capacitor and connecting to the
monochrome side of the capacitor.]

The combination cables (S-video + Audio ***OR*** Composite Video +
Audio) is purely for convenience.  And, again an S-video signal is not
the same thing as a composite video signal (Yellow RCA jack), but, also
again, it's possible to make a ***passable*** composite video signal
from the two S-Video signals fairly easily, and presumably that is what
the cable that you have does.

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