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I am in the market to replace my 8th Toshiba, a 6100. I am not
necessarily locked into Toshiba, although until this particular one I
had excellent luck with them.

I have long since given up trying to keep a laptop and desktop
synchronized, so this my laptop is my only computer. Consequently it
needs to have some horsepower. I use it for business, no games. I do
not want a wide screen. I'm perfectly happy with my 15" hi-res display.

I occasionally create and edit videos, so I would like a machine better
(especially quicker) at that than my 6100.

It needs to come with XP Pro.

I'd like it to have one of the new 7200RPM hard drives, at least 80GB.

It needs to have a port replicator available.

It would be great if it were a little smaller and/or lighter than my
6100, but that isn't my highest priority. I wouldn't want it any bigger
or heavier than that, though.

Finally, it needs to have a much longer battery life than my 6100, so
I'm leaning toward a Centrino.

I've paid over $2000 for my previous laptops, so if necessary I'll pay
that much again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!



Re: laptop suggestions requested

the Dell Inspiron 600m or Latitude 600--both accept the Latitude D series
port replicator which is a true, old-fashioned replicator with a card slot.
I think the Inspiron comes with slightly better video options, but either
would probably serve your needs.  Or the IBM T42.

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Re: laptop suggestions requested

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BEWARE ultracompacts and tablets as they are never good desktop replacements
as the CPU can never run at full speed continuously.  The CPUs on such
throttle to less than half rated speed after a second or so and that's even
when running on AC power.  It's a heat/thermal issue that mfgs don't tell
one about.  Larger format laptops with good fans are NOT afflicted by this.

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Re: laptop suggestions requested

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I haven't noticed that on the Thinkpad X40, which is a 3 pound subnotebook
with a fan.  I don't know if that counts as an ultracompact.

Re: laptop suggestions requested

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Some have sufficient cooling and some don't.  The ones that don't fail to
inform their customers.  I found it on a tablet and Sony Ultracompact when
doing Acronis TrueImage image backups over 1000bt with full compression.
The Toshiba 3500 tablet and Sony ultracompact slowed to a crawl and went
much faster with no compression.  Further research and tools proved the
issue.  THEN I noticed a small asterisk by CPU spec on both website in their
technical specs.  The explanation didn't come right out and say it in plain
english but was a significant 'beware'.

Thje offending models run continuously more like a PII/600 than their speced
Pentium M 1.5 or whatever.  One also sees it in things like Dragon Dictate
which seems to work great on a desktop or laptop of equivalent speed but
just crawls on a tablet or ultracompact.  Pentium Ms have built into the CPU
chip thermal throttling.  Their small size doesn't allow for sufficient
cooling in many designs but the laptop mfgs don't have to worry as the
Pentium M's thermal throttling handles things automatically.

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