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my mates laptop wont start up it goes into the options to put it into
safe mode but it doesnt respond to anything it says press f8 for more
options when we did that it says put it back to last know
configuration but that doesnt work it goes to load up and says windows
xp then goes back the menu again

i made a start up disc for her but the laptop just stops with
 so the laptop is regitering it as a floppy disc but its  a cd any
sugestions as to how we can get it to load up or what code to type in
the dr dos bit

Re: laptop start up

Most likely you will have to reinstall Windows, which will result in
loss of all of your installed applications.  Your data may be erased
also, depending on how you do the reinstall, but you should be able to
salvage your data before you do anything more.  This may require
removing the hard drive from the computer and connecting it to another
computer via USB or IDE adapters.  If you can boot up using "Safe Mode
with Networking" you may be able to save your files that way.

A professional might be able to restore the system, but from your post I
doubt if you will be able to do it on your own.

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Re: laptop start up

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Assuming the exsiting windows is screwed (which sounds highly likely) -
there's another way to get the user files/dataset off the machine ...
just use one of the many Linux liveCD distros ... Knoppix for instance.
If the laptop has a USB port, and you have a suitably sized USB memory
stick (or external HD, or external CD/DVD writer) - just boot with the
Linux CD and chuck the files over to the USB device. Done it many times ...

Re: laptop start up

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A bootable CD has an image of a bootable floppy disk on it.  That is why it
comes up as the A: drive.  If you have an actual floppy disk it has become
the B: drive.

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