Laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

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My laptop shuts down unexpectedly. I removed the battery to discard
any battery-related issues. No difference: it still boots up fine,
works for about 5 minutes, then shuts down.

In the past it used to happen that the surface below the computer
turned very hot if I had it on my lap, especially when using CD-ROM
intensive software, and then the laptop would freeze. Hence, I
suspected overheating.

I decided to remove the keyboard and control panel on top and noticed
that the metal surface on the top-left area gets very hot along with
the power plug-in area. Yet the fan below the keyboard seems to be
working OK.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Re: Laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Asteroidix wrote:
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What laptop?  I would remove the radiation shield, remove the fan, and
clean out the fan and heat exchanger, if it has one.


Re: Laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Bad Processor....


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Re: Laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Actually, the laptop is an ElitePC machine with an AMD Athlon
processor ( I think it's 1.2 GHz). Where would the heat exchanger and
radiation shield be located if it had them? On the bottom of the

It surprised me a bit that the connector that goes from the keyboard
to the computer itself partially blocks the airflow through the fan.
Bad design perhaps? But even by putting it out of the way through
keyboard removal, the laptop still shuts down.


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