Laptop Screen shutting off

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000.  I'm running windows XP.  Today all of a
sudden my
screen shuts off during startup.  I did alot of research to
try to troubleshoot
this but I'm not sure what exactly the problem is.
I was able to connect an
external monitor and use the Fn-F8 (CRT/LCD)
switch so I can use that for now.  

During bootup I even to the bios menu.  Even then after about 45sec my
shuts off.

When I use my external monitor I tried to switch back to the laptop
(Fn-F8).  The laptop screen would stay on for about 30-45sec then
turn off.

Is this a for sure hardware issue? Loose wire?  Drivers?

Thank You

Re: Laptop Screen shutting off

shak7 wrote:
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Heat damage in the high voltage invertor which feeds the light tubes.
Try to have it serviced by a repairman, before the condition becomes

Re: Laptop Screen shutting off

The most likely cause is a bad inverter in the lid of the laptop.  This
supplies high voltage (CAUTION:  DANGEROUSLY high, possibly even lethal)
to the fluorescent lamp inside the LCD panel.  The lamp itself is also a
possible cause.  Replacing the inverter is usually RELATIVELY
inexpensive and easy; the biggest problem is usually finding an exact
replacement (normally, you have to get this from Dell, on E-Bay or from
a Dell parts source).

Other causes are possible but far less likely.

shak7 wrote:
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Re: Laptop Screen shutting off

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I had the same problem with my Dell laptop,  Called Dell and tried to get
the inverter.......... Dell will not sell me or give me any information on
this part............ they will however gladly sell me the screen for $400
which comes with the inverter.......... isn't Dell Nice !

So I found an inverter on Ebay for $10.......... lesson,  Dell Sucks !

Re: Laptop Screen shutting off

Somewhere on teh intarwebs shak7 wrote:
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If you shine a bright flashlight onto the screen and check from different
angles can you still see an image? If so it's likely as people are saying,
backlight inverter going / gone bad or even backlight itself if there is an
odd colour tinge before it turns off.

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