Laptop screen repair problems :(

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Hey guys,

Wondering if you could help solve a problem for me. Heres the
situation, My invertor board + backlight broke so I ordered new parts
(new invertor board + backlight) The backlight came in a old screen
which was cracked so it was sent to me in the caseing to protect it..
I sucessfully got the light out and installed it, Hooked up the
invertor - grounded the screen and then pressed the power button..
The screen lit up + was really bright (was almost white instead of
black)...Im guessing its the cable that could be a faulty and not
putting power to the lcd screen but im not sure? I can't see how I
have damaged the lcd screen...Has anyone had similar problems? and if
so how did you fix it? Oh yeah I have a new lcd cable ordered should
arrive some time next week :(

Thanks in advance.

Re: Laptop screen repair problems :(

It's been my experience that a new ribbon cable will not fix display
issues unless you are experiencing a sensitive sometimes on/sometimes
off image, lines, etc. - not a complete whiteout. If you're certain
that the inverter and backlight are good and properly compatible, you
need to confront the possibility than you may need to replace the LCD
or the entire assembly.

Would be very interested to know how that works out for you, esp. with
the replacement cable. We've been working on a compaq presario with a
similar LCD white-out issue.

If you could post a pic - what the lcd looks like when powered on -
that may be helpful.

Good luck

Bobito wrote:
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Re: Laptop screen repair problems :(

Hi Tony,

Thanks for reply..when my invertor board failed + backlight died (same
time) I could see a very faint image of windows xp boot up
screen...Now when I
take out the invertor I can't see any faint
images...I have hooked the laptop up
to a external monitor and it
works fine. I think I may have damaged the cable
when I was testing
the invertor...because its so hard to get contact I had to
use pins
to push into the blocks + test them (think I may have damaged a
connection point somewhere...)

I have a new cable ordered so we will have to
see...Heres the pic of
my laptop screen (present) when I boot it up :(

I have grounded the
screen (by using the grounding loop thats on the
cable..)when testing the lcd
but nothing makes a difference..Im
taking it, it makes no difference wether its
in the casing or
not...(grounding the external part of the lcd screen wouldn't
make a
huge diff would it??)

Thanks again.

Re: Laptop screen repair problems :(

You have a bad cable and/or connection, most likely, or you damaged
something when you disconnected it.  Tension on the cable as you worked
with it might have pulled the connector loose AT THE OTHER END.

Your work on the screen has caused a problem that was not present when
you started.

Bobito wrote:
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Re: Laptop screen repair problems :(

It definitely looks like a connection problem. Let us know how it works
after the new cable.

Re: Laptop screen repair problems :(

Well I put new laptop cable in and no joy...exactly the same thing (as
in pic) you guys got any ideas what else it could be? the lcd display
must have got damaged some how? I have no idea how it could have?

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