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I need to clean my screen on my laptop it has smear marks and finger
prints on it, what is the best thing to use so as not to damage it?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Laptop Screen

You can procure a  commercial LCD  screen swipes that you can use
effectively for that purpose...

Re: Laptop Screen

1st choice for routine cleaning:  Try the eyeglass cleaners sold in the
optical departments of Sears, Sam's Club, etc.

2nd choice (much more controversial):  Windex.  Windex contains ammonia
and frequent use can yellow the screen front slightly (although I'm not
sure you would notice it).  Therefore, frequent use is not recommended.
  However, for very occasional use (just a couple times a year) it's
probably ok.  This is clearly a more aggressive cleaner, and not
something for routine use on smudges that more gentle cleaners can deal

Also, whatever you use, VERY IMPORTANT, use a VERY soft cloth or rag, as
even a paper towel can scratch the very soft surface of the screen and
leave "swirl marks".

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