Laptop repair price -- is this fishy?

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My HP Pavillion ze5630 laptop stopped charging. I thought it was the
cord, got a new one, still no go. Not having opened a laptop before, I
wasn't about to repair it myself. My friendly local computer place told
me the power adaptor was loose, but they don't repair that.

I know nothing about the rep of any other comp place around me, but I
took it to a general electronics place that does laptops; they've
quoted me $130 to replace it, saying it's over 2 hours' labor (on top
of the examination, presumably). That's over 15% the cost of the
computer. Can anyone out there tell me if it's reasonable that
replacing this part should take that long or cost that much?

- Sean Miner

Re: Laptop repair price -- is this fishy? wrote:
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I think that it is a fair price, particularly if the tech knows how to
crack the case without using a hammer and chisel.  $65 per hour for good
tech work is worth the price if it comes with a warranty.  Many
professionals charge similar for simply looking at the job and this is a
bit more "tech" than changing spark plugs or unplugging drains.  If you
want a comparison, take the job to the Best Buy Geek Patrol who will
charge more than that for service by someone who well might use the



Re: Laptop repair price -- is this fishy?

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You say it stopped charging.  If that's the case, and it still runs when
plugged in, it's most likely the battery itself.

Laptop batteries can last up to 5 years, roughly. (No need to post how yours
lasted 7 years or whatever)  However, they've been known to die in as little
as two years.

This is from date of manufacture, not first use or purchase date, and it
doesn't matter if you discharged it often or left the laptop plugged in
constantly.  On the other hand, if you discharged the battery completely,
you could very well have either killed it, or shortened it's life by a vast


Re: Laptop repair price -- is this fishy?

I have done a little probing and repair in laptops, but unless you have a
good manual and really know what you're doing, I'd be reluctant to go into

The price sounds reasonable to me.

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Re: Laptop repair price -- is this fishy?

Perfectly acceptable price, I charge that much plus around $29 to $39 for a new
jack if required. Also if the laptop is a real PITA
to disassemble it could go as high as $195 for the labor. I wouldn't plan on a
warranty, we offer zero warranty on the part, limited
on workmanship. Not too long ago I replaced an HP jack, $39 plus 130 labor, a
week later it was back and it was obvious the jack had
been hit with the AC plugged in again, just like the first time, another $39 and
$130 labor and they were up and running again.


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Re: Laptop repair price -- is this fishy?

It might be.

Fixing the socket for the power adapter often (but not always) requires
removing the motherboard, and on some laptops that is a pretty
horrendous task (and it's not really easy or simple on any of them).
Further, the connector is typically an inexpensive but custom and
virtually impossible to obtain part.

However, on other models, this is a trivial operation because the
connector has been made separately replaceable from the motherboard.

I have not worked on your specific model because I have not worked on
it.  It would not be unusual to be told that the motherboard had to be
replaced and, in some cases, that might actually be the only way to fix
it.  Motherboard replacement can run upwards of $600.  Laptop repairs
tend to be very expensive, which is one of the reason why, although I
normally don't recommend them, laptop extended warranties are often a
good investment. wrote:

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