Laptop rarely starts up, seemingly stuck in standby

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Hi... I have a Iridium Starbook 505/Clevo 2800T laptop which is about
three years old. Recently it has developed a problem where when the
power button is pressed, the fans spins, but the power light flashes as
if the laptop is in standby. After a couple of tries it used to start
up and otherwise work fine, but today it has stopped starting up at
all. The screen stays blank (it's not just because it does not light
up, it really is blank) and the CD drive clicks and flashes away like
it is trying do read a disc. Before I found that having a CD in the
drive seemed to help it work, but not any more. Another thing I have
noticed is that the the caps/num/scroll lock lights are all on, but
very, very dimly. There are no other lights which are on nearby.

I have tried everything I can think of - removing as many components as
I can, tried another power supply, checking the earthing on the
chassis, holding the power button down, even another CPU, and nothing

I must admit that until a few days ago it was not powered on for about
two years. I know this is a long time, but other than the main battery
being flat, everything else seems to be fine. The BIOS battery has the
correct charge, and it was not kept anywhere damp or in direct
sunlight. There is no dust, leaking or any other visible problems.

One thing that I am wondering about is that maybe the main battery
needs to be connected and holding at least some charge for the laptop
to work properly, even while on AC power.

When the laptop was at least working intermittently it was trying to
charge the battery, but the last couple of times before it stopped
working completely it stopped trying to charge it. Now the lights say
that the laptop is running on AC power but is not charging the battery.

So... does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!

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