Laptop RAM (what type to use?)

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I just ordered a Dell Inspiron 6000 the other day and when I looked at
my order sheet, I noticed:
1    1    221-5491    I6000,PM 730(1.60 GHZ),UMA
1    1    311-3707    512MB,DDR2,400MHZ,2 DIMM,SHARED,I6000

If I understand correctly, the Intel 730 chipset is a 1.6ghz/533fsb, so
shouldn't it use DDR2/pc4200 RAM (533mhz)?  Or is the DDR2/400mhz RAM
that Dell is putting in there okay?


Re: Laptop RAM (what type to use?)

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Well you're right, the 730 is a 533Mhz FSB part (the 725 is the 400Mhz
FSB version of the 1.6Ghz P-M), which suggests it should come with
533Mhz memory too.  I do notice however, that the Crucial site also
shows 400Mhz memory as being compatible with this machine.

Looking at the configurator page for the 6000 I notice that there are
some 400Mhz FSB processor options for it, and all the memory is shown as
400Mhz.  I suspect they've just gone for the lowest common denominator
and are equipping all 6000s with memory that will work for any
processor, rather than trying to tailor the memory type to the selected
CPU.  You'll notice that the 9300 and XPS2 machines, which only ship
with 533Mhz FSB processors, do come with 533Mhz memory.

I'm presuming you've gone for the 2x256MB option at an extra 94?  If
so, then a 512MB PC-4200 DDR2 stick from Crucial costs around 30 less.
Assuming this works in the machine, and I see no reason why it wouldn't,
then you'd save 30 and could sell the supplied 256MB.

Re: Laptop RAM (what type to use?)


Apologies for the UK pricing stuff, I forgot I wasn't on a UK group for
a moment.

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