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I've bought an old toshiba laptop with only 640k base and 1024k
extended memory. I has only a hd a floppy drive. I tried to install
"damn small linux" and OpenBSD but they need at least 3k RAM. The
mainboard has a 17x17-pin place and i think it might be for a
ram-chip. There are two other chips: 82C312 and 82C310. Are these two
the RAm-Chips? And how can i extend the memory?

Re: laptop ram

First, your post does not make any sense.

Second, the 17x17 socket is probably for a math coprocessor.

Third, that laptop is probably an 8088 or at most an 80286, and it will
be useless for anything other than running DOS or (possibly) Windows
3.0.  It's almost certainly too old for ANY version of Linux.

How to proceed:

Start over, and buy something that isn't completely hopeless.  You can
get machines in the class of the Toshiba 430CDT for $10 to $25; you can
get a Toshiba 440CDT for $20 to $40 [it may take some looking, but you
can find these machines in working condition at these prices on E-Bay].
  These are Pentium 120's and Pentium MMX 133's, respectively, they came
with CD-ROM drives and floppy drives (although in a used unit you might
not get both unless you make that a purchase criteria, as one drive or
the other was external).  The 440 also has USB and Cardbus PC Card
slots.  Note that Toshiba models ending in "5" are identical to the same
model ending in "0" (e.g. a 445CDT is identical to a 440CDT).  Try to
avoid models with the CDS and CDX suffix, they have inferior screens.

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