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Found an auction for a Compaq 2108CL which states:

90W AC adapter (three wire)
Eight-cell Lithium-ion battery

Is this a USA standard power supply the auction company UBid refers to their
faq which has no info..

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Re: Laptop Power Question....

Crow T Robot wrote:
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There are no 'real' standards with respect to laptop power supplies.  Each
supply is model specific for the most part.  Suggest you access Compaq's web
site and look up the power adaptor for that particular model number.

If the power supply is included in the auction, the spec's mean that it has
a three wire (hot, neutral, ground) input from mains supply, which is
standard all over the world.  90 Watts is the power draw at whatever voltage
to which it is connected.  Most laptop supplies are universal, in that they
can be connected to all common world voltages/frequencies with the
appropriate power cord or by adapting the cord supplied.  That specification
has been left out of the info you supply.

The battery spec above is just a description of the internal battery.


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Re: Laptop Power Question....

thanks for the help...

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