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I have an older Dell Latitude D620 laptop.  It went dark in the middle of me
using it.  When I press the power button, the power lioght flashes.  That's it.

Could anyone provide advice as to where to start diagnosing it?

Thanks in advance.

Re: laptop power problem

Try pulling out the RAM sticks and putting them back in again,  
making sure they are firmly back in place.

If it is/was emitting a funny smell, it could be that a bad  
capacitor leaked inside and will need to be replaced.

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Re: laptop power problem

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:25:28 PM UTC-5, wrote:
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Have you removed the battery and tried running it with just the AC adapter?
(defective battery)

Re: laptop power problem

On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:25:28 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

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"Flashing" is a complicated word. What does "flash" mean? The old
self-test of the IBM PC (called POST = Power On Self Test) made
beep-tones on the speaker. The were acoustical "flashes", willfully made
to give signals. But is there something like that for the POWER-light?  

Think of something totally different: power is switched on, voltage
builds up - bang, a short-circuit drains the current to such a high
level that the power-supply shuts down. Power is down, so it starts
again, voltage buils up - bang... This I guess to be the most common
cause for the flashing. The question is: where the hell is the
short-circuit? OR is it really a short-circuit? Might as well be a
problem with the power-supply, which does not deliver enough current
anymore and breaks down.  

What I would do:  

1. take off the battery


2. test with another power-supply.  

3. Depending on how much "rest-value" the dead computer has: take a
screw-driver and have a look inside the computer.  


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Re: laptop power problem

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    It's either a really fast guy in a red suit or one of those
girls at Mardi Gras trying to collect beads.

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    PC's used to "flash" the num lock and scroll lock LEDs.  Now a days
most laptops flash that little line of LEDs at the top of the keyboard in
various patterns to keep you amused while they boot.

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    There ya go!  Just like at Mardi Gras!  Hey, nice connectors.

Re: laptop power problem

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You can get the Service Manual here:

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