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I thought I would send this out and get some opinions.  The company
that I work for does not have a current laptop policy, but we have
about 30 laptops in use.  I have started several policies, but I have
not completed one that I like.  In this situation we need to make sure
everything is secure and not being abused, but we also have to be nice.
We are having some growing pains along with some stubbornness from
above. Does anyone have a policy that you feel is worth putting out
there? I am not asking for company names or any private information.
Just the basics on Security and personal use I am also looking to add a
policy that states they must bring the laptops to us every 2 months or
maybe every quarter.  This way we can updated the laptops. I am not in
charge if

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The companies that I know that have the most success with laptops issue them
as replacements to desktops (along with docking stations), so they are
plugged into the network a lot during working hours and get maintained that
way.  The companies that have "extra" laptops in a pool that get checked-out
when someone needs one for a trip always have problems--they get
re-configured constantly--because everyone wants something different.

Re: Laptop Policies

Thank you Joe.  I never really though about doing that for employees
other than our VP's that do the most traveling.  We could probably hit
another 10 or 15 people this way. I will try it out and see how far I
can get.


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There's only ONE policy that works, restrict users' access to the systems by
NOT giving them Administrator rights.

Set the machines so that _only_ an Administrator can add users, load
software, add email accounts, change network access, VPN dialer, etc., etc.
If you have power-users whom you trust to not break the system's security or
OS, it's a simple matter to give them whatever level of access you desire.

The more access you give users, the more insecure and prone to problems you
make the systems.

All of this is on top of having correctly set Power On and Supervisor
passwords on the laptops themselves. If you don't, someone else CAN, and
therefore lock you out of the machines! This includes _anyone_ with access
to the machines as well as possibly disgruntled employees or soon to be

Just my $.02, but it's based on years of supporting laptop based systems.



Re: Laptop Policies

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waranty laptops.

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