Laptop Part Uses?

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Hey I have a old laptop probably 1993. I was wondering if I can use the
screen for something like maybe rip it off the laptop and use it with
my pc. I have allready taken the laptop apart and put it back together,
it works perfectly on windows 98 but is very old and slow. I was going
to use it to host a deticated server for Counter Strike Scrouce but it
dosent work well with steam.

So can I rip the screen off of it and use it with my pc?

Re: Laptop Part Uses?

by the way the laptop is a Compaq Presario 1262 and the battery is shot
but I can plug it in.

Re: Laptop Part Uses?

Not as a practical matter.  It may be physically possible, but the
quantity one cost of the parts that you would need (if they are even
available, and they may not be, at any price) would exceed the cost of a
new 19" LCD desktop monitor. wrote:

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Re: Laptop Part Uses? wrote:
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How will you drive the screen then?  Laptops have custom graphics chips
in them which handle both the signalling for the LCD display as well as
the graphics processing.  Unless you can find some way of interfacing
with the custom graphics chip on the laptop, or find a similar chip from
somewhere like Maplins and are handy with a soldering iron I would say
this would cost you much more in time/effort then it would to buy a
brand new LCD monitor.



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