Laptop Overheating problem

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I've been running this Evesham Voyager 64 for about 18 months now, and
a rather odd problem has reared its head. Plugging in the laptop
increases the idle temperature by around 25 - 30'C. Using Speedfan, at
idle on battery it sits around 50'C, but can start puching 80'C when
the power supply is plugged in. Likewise, a quick run of the Quake 4
demo sees a temp of around 55'C on battery, but on power supply the
temp again pushed 90'C + and cuts out. I don't think its a general
overheating problem with the laptop, and the speed at which the
temperature seems to increase (Within a few seconds of plugging in the
power it shoots up), leads me to think it could be a faulty power
supply and/or temperature sensor.
The only other possiblity I thought of was that it could be something
to do with AMD's Cool'N'Quiet technology limiting something, but
plugging in the laptop doesn't effect performance at all, aside from
overheating the laptop. If anyone can think of any other possible
causes I'd be interested to hear them, as I'd rather try and fix it
myself. Its rather annoying having to switch off every couple of hours
to charge the battery (While the laptop is off the power supply charges
the battery fine, and there's no sign of the case getting hot).
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro (128mb)

Re: Laptop Overheating problem

JonnyHermit wrote:
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This *is* a general overheating problem, probably caused by accumulation
of debris in the inlet to the heat pipe cooler.  You can try to blow
compressed gas computer cleaner into the hot air outlet to remove debris
from the fan inlet (use a paper clip to prevent the fan spinning when
you do this).  Your best course is to open the laptop and physically
remove the debris.


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