Laptop & Notebook advise?

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Hi There

I want to purchase my first laptop, having troubles deciding which of the
many out there will fulfill my needs.
Do alot of  graphic designing and video editing ,using resource intensive
programs like.Photoshop , Illustrator , Adobe Premiere,After Effects,Poser.
Need programs to run smoothly.

Not looking for any apple notebooks.

Sony , Dell , Mecer , Toshiba , Acer,Asus. maybe Hp

Any advise will be much appreciated .

Thanks in advance


Re: Laptop & Notebook advise?

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.Sony , Dell , Mecer , Toshiba , Acer,Asus. maybe Hp

Imcidentally i had a sony desktop replacement system which have pre
installed adobe Premier, and adobe photoshop and the programs runs
smoothly. in fact to improve its performance i upgraded the SODIMM RAM
from pre installed  1 gig to 2 gig. which to my experience was worth
the  additional expense...

Re: Laptop & Notebook advise?

Stick with a MAJOR name-brand.  That rules out Mercer (and some others).

Personally, from everything I've heard, support and service from HP,
Compaq (which is HP) and Sony are terrible.  I'd avoid them for that reason.

Basically, in my mind that leaves Lenovo (IBM), Toshiba and Dell.
[Can't really comment on Acer.  I've heard both good things and bad
things about them.]

Sometimes there are fantastic buys availalbe on Dell and Toshiba:

The fantastic buys on Dell can be found by checkin
often (at least twice a day).  They had a deal yesterday for a well
equipped high-end Inspiron 6000 at $650.

The best buys I've seen on Toshiba seem to be on closeout models at
Circuit City (seen this more than once over a period of years --
apparently Circuit City has a deal with Toshiba on closeout models).
They have one of those going right now, this week, the A105-S2712 for
$750 (after rebates) with a free (after rebates) Epson multi-function
printer/copier/scanner.  I got an even better deal a couple of weeks
ago, the same computer at $799, but with the same free printer and also
that week a free laptop case and a free Linksys wireless router, and
then I applied a "check stub" 10% off coupon from one of my "Black
Friday" rebates and got another 10% off (10% off the before rebate price
.... $100), and on top of that I found an additional $50 rebate on the
Toshiba web site.  My net cost ended up being under $600 for what had
been a $1299 Centrino laptop with DVD burner, Wi-Fi and the high-end
"clearview" LCD screen.

Deals happen, but it takes some effort to find them.

Jamie wrote:

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Re: Laptop & Notebook advise?

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I disagree....Here in down under I was able to  get good technical
service with my Sony and  even my former HP which I gave away to my
niece....Even when I was travellling to Southeast Asia I never had
problems with customer and technical service of those brands...What  is
funny is some of my acquintances  have problems with Lenovo and
Dell....they come to believe  that IBM and Dell have good support  only
in the USA and not elsewhere.....

Re: Laptop & Notebook advise?

Barry Watzman wrote:

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Personally I have had *very* good experience with HP service when my notebook
was under warranty. When it ran out of warranty and it broke again though,
trouble started. But that won't be a difference with most other manufacturers.
As a matter of fact, after long negotiating HP offered to repair it for free
after all.

Dell, on the other hand, does have a *seriously* bad reputation for service,
even when a machine is still in warranty. That is, in the country where I live

Good luck!

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