Laptop/Notebook advice (*NOT* technical specs)

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Hi all,

I'm about to buy my first laptop.  Ignoring technical specs, are there
any brands I should avoid or pay particular attention to?  Let's assume
that I have identical specs across all brands.  Mostly, I am interested
in build quality, reliability, service, "touchy-feely", etc.

Here are the brands I'm considering:
Toshiba / Gateway / Dell / Sony / IBM / Acer / Compaq / HP

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for a given specification.  Is it worth spending the extra few hundred
$ for one or the other?

The only local stores that sell laptops are of the big-box variety (the
small shops aren't carrying anything I'm interested in).  Is buying
from one of these stores a concern?

Do any retailers provide a laptop replacement service (in the event
that the laptop has a warrantee-covered problem)?  Or is there no
(financially reasonable) way to avoid waiting for multiple weeks
without a laptop?

FWIW, I'm looking at Centrino (Core) Duo systems with an ATI
X1400/X1600 graphics, 1GB DDR2, 100-160 GB HDD, and 15.4" WXGA


Re: Laptop/Notebook advice (*NOT* technical specs)

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In my case, it did not deter me in purchasing the top of the line Sony
17 inch desktop replacement system.
In the past I used to be apprehensive about cost, but build quality is
worth a risk...Regarding the selection its good to browse, examine the
specs , compare prices and read the particular  notebook reviews if
there is) of a unit you  are planning to purchase, but the bottom line
is gut feeling.
Once you do a test drive on the unit if you find that it's the right
one for you, then go for it!
Forget about the price,,,,chances are you are likely to be happy with
the one you choose
I  had  8 laptops totally  that I bought in the past and in all of them
I never regretted its procurement.The other people whom I gave or sold
the   units later as I upgraded to the  latest model have never
complained to me , meaning they are happy with my

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I don't go for small shops where you have limited units to
select....I visited  well known specialist laptop stores and made a
note of the units that I prefer.....and I keep those information as
guide for my laptop purchase later....
I also visit the manufacturers website, and resellers as well study all
the details
I thin studied those information and use it to guide me in my
procurement later.

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It should be....but as I have never had any related experience  such as
unit replacement....I cannot concur if they really replace a defective
Maybe others in this group have that experience....

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Waiting for weeks....?
The longest wait I have for my unit is only a week...The rest I bought
from the store by Cash and was taken home immediately....then used....

FWIW, I'm looking at Centrino (Core) Duo systems with an ATI
X1400/X1600 graphics, 1GB DDR2, 100-160 GB HDD, and 15.4" WXGA

Hmnn that is a sensible choice......Go for the latest
notebooks....don't every think of buying the older or used
units....laptop technology evolved so fast...that its drawback... but
don't deter that they unit you selected is already obsolete the
moment it reaches your hands....
What is important is you love to use it...not that you want to brag to
others you got the best unit money can buy....
Buying an expensive notebooks is a bit of risk.....but if you worry too
much you will end up not getting the unit you prefer.....

Being free spirited in notebook selection have never created problems
for me such as  getting defective units......others who are too
apprehensive  are often are the ones who end up getting a defective
Or I am just lucky.....but did luck really  works after 8 notebook
computers...that went trough my hands?

Keep in mind that if you worry to will end up not the
desired product that you have planned to get....but an inferior one....

So don;t jus stand there.....take risk......
Get the unit that you believe  and think....  that you should have....

Re: Laptop/Notebook advice (*NOT* technical specs)

I don't know about current model HP laptop/notebooks, but there's
quite a
massive history of Pavilions of various models with severe
power jack and other
issues. Most notably, power jacks breaking or
becoming disconnected from the
motherboard (there's a 13 page thread
in the HP section on this).
One thing you
could do is check through the various forum sections on
the brands on here. You
can probably get a ton of feedback,
especially if there's some critical failing.

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