Laptop not Charging Battery, could it be the cold?

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Four months ago I sent my laptop off to get the jack repaired.  I
finally got it back last Friday and just realized today that the
battery doesn't recharge anymore.  When I first got it back, the
computer was real slow too because of being in the cold and because it
was more than likely sitting around in the box for a long time before
it was shipped back to me.  The computer started running fine again
after the cold wore off.

Do you think the extreme cold that the laptop was put through damaged
the battery in some way?  Just wondering because I'm planning on just
buying a new battery next week.  The indicator light glows as if it
recognizes that the battery is there, it just doesn't charge though.
It stays at 0%.

Re: Laptop not Charging Battery, could it be the cold?

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If the battery has been left in the laptop for 4 months, then it has most
likely been discharged beyond the minimum level - the 0% charge is a clue
here.  Laptops take a small current from the battery.  If it has been
overdischarged, then the laptop will (correctly) refuse to charge the
battery.  It needs to be replaced, as lithium batteries are damaged by being
overdischarged.  The nature of the damage generates an internal short and
can cause the battery to burst into flames if charged (depending on
severity, but the short will discharge the battery faster if not severe).
Despite what you may read elsewhere there is no way to recover the battery
after such a long period.

Re: Laptop not Charging Battery, could it be the cold?

Thanks for the reply.

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