Laptop LCD screen issue...

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Forgive me, this is my first post and I don't know all of the correct
terms I
should use and probably won't post all of the information you
guys need to help
me, but I'll try my best.

My dad used to run his own computer business
( out
of Burlingame/San Francisco, CA.. and I went to him with
all of my
questions and help. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in
2004; however, a week after I mailed him my laptop to be
fixed. I haven't been
able to bring myself to ask anyone else to fix
it until now.

I took my HP
Pavilion laptop
( )
on a
church trip to Panama City Beach, FL one summer. It was on a
charter bus, in its
thick, protective case, in the overheard
compartment away from the students, and
as far as I know, it wasn't
dropped or stepped on or anything. The first couple
of days, it
worked perfectly. The sole purpose I brought it with me was to have
someplace to store all of the digital pictures I was taking with my
Olympus.. it
was rarely used.

Around the second or third day, I turned the computer on and
see anything on the screen, unless it was outside in the daylight,
tilted it a certain way. At night, it was impossible to see
anything on the
screen. It just seemed to go out on me.

My aunt seems to think that it's some
kind of blown fuse. I didn't
think it was a blown fuse, because if it blew, then
I didn't think
I'd be able to see a thing.. and I could still make out the icons
images on th screen. I was able to talk with my dad before the
accident and
he told me that the humidity could have had something to
do with it (because it
was ice cold in the bunks, and super hot
outside.. and taking it from inside to
outside may have produced
condensation on the inside of the computer.) He gave
me several
drying-out remedies to try, but I never opened or altered anything in
the computer. Needless to say, nothing worked. He thought we might
have to
replace the screen, so I shipped it to him.

Well, since the accident, my dad's
sister has had it, still in the box
and in her house.. she is mailing it back to
me because she can't
bring herself to ask anyone else for help.

I was just
wondering if you all had any ideas as to what it could be.
I also don't even
know who to take it to.. because I hear that
computer repairs can be costly, or
they can be relatively inexpensive
but you'll still get ripped off.

computer is very special to me, because my dad was really only in
my life for a
little over a year. My parents divorced when I was 4,
and we didn't have contact
again with him until I found him on the
internet 15 years later, July 2003. This
particular laptop was one of
his personal laptops, and when he discovered that I
was in college
without a computer of my own, he sent it to me. It had several
pictures of him and his wife and life in California and saved IM
between the two of us and other things on it that he
sent me.. as we never got
the chance for a face-to-face reunion. He
was the only one who ever worked on
it.. or did anything to it, and
I'd like to keep it in as good of working order
as I can. I actually
plan to use it sparingly when I get it back and get it
fixed. It's my
last link to him, and I don't know what I'll do if I can't fix

Thanks in advance for any help any of you may be able to offer.

ps- I
don't have the laptop back in my possession just yet, but it is
apparently on
its way soon..

Re: Laptop LCD screen issue...

Since you are still able to see a faint image in bright light, it definitely
sounds like the backlight is burnt/broken. It probably just needs to be
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Re: Laptop LCD screen issue...

defyingtheworld1 schreef:
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Snipped the really sad story.. you have my sympathy..

[1] place the harddrive in another laptop ?
[2] replace backlight


MegaMad - Leo

Re: Laptop LCD screen issue...

The laptop itself is quite clearly still running.  He can simply connect
an external monitor to the VGA port and then operate the laptop normally
for file transfer.  But that's really not his issue.

MegaMad wrote:

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Re: Laptop LCD screen issue...

Turn on laptop. Connect regular PC monitor cable on back of the laptop.
There should be port available for the cable to hook-in and get image on PC
monitor (make sure monitor is on). If you are able to see image on PC
monitor which tells the video device on motherboard is ok. which indicates
the LCD invertor board is bad (a small electronic device goes back/bottom of
LCD). It could be a loose cable too. Try pressing with thumb on bazel (the
plastic cover for LCD). It might come back. Also try holding upper right
corner and opposite corner then try to tilt (not hard though). Ebay is good
place to buy invertor board if that one is bad.


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Re: Laptop LCD screen issue...

The backlight is out.  Basically, there is a 98% chance that it's either
the actual backlight lamp (actually a fluorescent light tube) or the
inverter that produced high voltage (600 to 1,500 volts) to power the
tube.  It is very difficult to tell if it's the tube or the inverter,
but the inverter is much more likely unless the tube (which is glass)
has been physically broken.

Inverters should cost $25 to $95, but they are very hard to get.  You
need an exact replacement, and it's most likely an HP custom part.  It's
located in the lid, which will have to be taken apart for ANY repair.

The lamp is physically inside the LCD panel, but is a logically separate
component.  It is [almost always] separately replaceable, but more than
90% of the shops you would take it to would repair the problem by
replacing the entire LCD panel.  A bare generic lamp is about $15, but
does not have the wiring harness or connectors to install in the laptop.
  A lamp assembly from HP, IF THEY OFFER ONE AT ALL, is probabaly $90 to
$140.  A new LCD panel (with a lamp) is likely to be $300 to $900
(likely more than the laptop is worth).

 From your description, the hard drive is ok and any files on it could
be gotten off it relatively easily.

Most LCD lamps in laptops have the exact same connector.  If it was my
laptop (I service laptops), I'd try to light the screen by plugging the
lamp into an inverter in another laptop (all I care about is the
connector, and if the lamp lights up at all).  If the lamp lights, it's
definitely the inverter.  EXTREME CAUTION:  As noted above, the inverter
output is high voltage.  Potentially LETHAL high voltage.

If I absolutely could not pin down lamp vs. inverter, the inverter is
more likely the cause than the lamp, and is easier to replace.  I'd look
on E-Bay for an inverter, or for a dead laptop or a laptop with a
clearly physically busted (cracked) screen of the same model, as a
"donor" part.  You can also try an HP parts source if you can find one.

Frankly, unless you have some training and experience in changing an LCD
panel lamp, your chances of doing it successfully the first few times
are essentially zero, so you almost do need a whole LCD panel.  Again,
I'd go to E-Bay, this time looking for a dead laptop with (presumably) a
good LCD panel.  You can often find LCD panels on E-Bay in the $50 to
$150 range.

If you know what you are doing and want to try a generic replacement of
the lamp (I strongly advise against this unless you are very experienced
and a very good technician), salvage the wires, harness and connector
from the old lamp cutting them off right at the lamp.  Digikey and
Mouser carry generic replacement lamps.  You will need the dimensions
(length and diameter, in millimeters) of the old lamp.

Best of luck.

defyingtheworld1 wrote:
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