Laptop LCD inverter board dead? Or display panel?

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I've had the display section of a laptop apart, and on reassembly the screen
backlight died a few seconds after switching on. A bit of work with a
multimeter has shown that the fuse on the inverter board has blown.

Bypassing the fuse with a piece of wire (temporarily, of course) causes the
backlight to flicker on for a fraction of a second when the laptop is
switched on, then all goes dark again. Obviously something somewhere has
broken, but before I buy on a new inverter board, is it possible that it is
actually a problem with the backlight itself? Should I instead be looking to
replace the display panel?

Re: Laptop LCD inverter board dead? Or display panel?

It's more likely a wiring problem.  And if you replace the inverter,
it's very possible that the new inverter will fail immediately also.
Fuses usually don't fail spontaneously, they usually blow for a reason.
  Double check what you did and your reassembly.  The voltage on the
inverter is high enough (sometimes over 1,000 volts) to arc if
everything is not put back together just right.

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