Laptop keyboard needs repair

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I just purchased a refurbished Dell Latitude off Ebay and after fully using
it for the first time tonight (I've had it 3 days), I discovered the 2, W, S
and X keys as well as the Caps Lock key do not work. I've contacted the
company I bought it from, but I do not know if they will allow me to send it
back for an exchange or not. Is fixing a laptop keyboard a comparatively
easy fix?

Re: Laptop keyboard needs repair

very easy and you will find the instructions on the dell site
basically you pop a cover off and  remove two screws
unplug the keyboard cable and reverse the process/

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Re: Laptop keyboard needs repair

You could try popping off the keys in question and seeing if they are
properly assembled or there is dirt in them.  There is risk in doing
this if you are not experienced.

The problem could be more serious than the keyboard; it could be the
keyboard encoder (motherboard).  Not too likely, but definitely possible.

Replacing a keyboard is usually not too hard and not too expensive as
laptop repairs go ($30 to $100, depending on the model & where you get
it).  Actually "fixing" the keyboard is unlikely unless the problem is
very simple.

CJ wrote:
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Re: Laptop keyboard needs repair

Thanks a lot for the help all.

Somehow, after I plugged my desktop keyboard into the laptop in order to
complete my installation of Office, the offending keys on the laptop started
to work and worked the rest of the night. I do not know if this means the
keyboard is wearing out and eventually those keys will stop working and it
will necessitate a new keyboard or what. The offending keys (2, W, S, X and
Caps Lock) do seem to be a bit "looser" when I touch them compared to the
rest of the keyboard.

Re: Laptop keyboard needs repair

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If you are unable to resolve this issue with the eBay seller and you paid
using PayPal you do have ways to make a claim through PayPal. The seller is
obligated to state in the description any defect in the product unless the
description states as-is, no refunds.

Please post the item number here so we can read the item description and
tell us if you used PayPal. In essence if PayPal decides the item is
significantly different than what you received they will deduct money from
the sellers account to issue you a refund.

Here is a link to PayPal dispute center:

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