Laptop ISP help?

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Me and my Dell laptop and cellphone have recently moved to a new apt.
in the Portland, Or.
area. In trying to get set up with Internet service, my wireless laptop
is pulling in a strong connection w/ a co. called Wi-fi To The Max,
although it's not connecting me to the Internet.

I called an ISP co. in the area to get Internet service, and they tell
me I will have to get DSL service first, which will require getting a
phone line established (which I'd prefer not to do since I already have
cell connection). Then I'd have to sign up w/ phone co., and DSL

Is there any other way I can get Internet access w/o going through all

Sorry for the vague help question, tks in advance for any informed

Re: Laptop ISP help?

Do you have cable TV in your residence?  If so, the cable company might
offer Internet access.

Re: Laptop ISP help?

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This company that is showing a strong signal doesn't offer ISP service along
with their Wi-Fi?  Anyway, you can go with what is called Stand Alone DSL
Service.  You get a DSL line, data only, and away you go.  This is what I
have.  I dropped my land line phone in favor of my cell line.

Since you are in Portland (I'm in southern Oregon) give Qwest a call for DSL
service.  They also offer ISP services.  I currently pay about $58 a month
for my 1.5 meg DSL connection and the Qwest Deluxe Internet Service.

Re: Laptop ISP help?

Basically for broaband internet connection, you have a choice of Cable
Modem service from the TV cable company, or DSL service over the phone
line.  Cable is better, DSL is cheaper.  In some areas you can get
"naked DSL", where you get phone line wires and DSL service with no
analog telephone service (and no phone number).  In other areas, you
must have analog phone service and a phone number before you can get
DSL.  Note that the phone lines (wires) and analog service if you have
it comes from the phone company, but you can get the DSL service from a
separate DSL ISP.  SBC/Yahoo and Verizon are usually the least expensive
DLS services, about $17 to $20 per month (this does not include the
analog phone line and service).  Cable is usually more like $40 per month.

Verizon has a cellular based wide-area wireless service but it's very
expensive (they first require voice cell phone service ($40) then the
wireless service on top of that (an additional $60 per month ...
$100/month total).

lesdhutch wrote:
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Re: Laptop ISP help?

Or you could make friend with your new neighbor and share his/her Wireless
router to split the cost of ISP fee.


Barry Watzman wrote:

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Re: Laptop ISP help?

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:55:50 GMT, Barry Watzman
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    They don't require voice service. With voice, you get Broadband
Access for $60. Without it, you pay $80. The cheapest option would be
to use a wifi sniffer to find the access point near the OP and offer
to split the bill in exchange for usage.
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Re: Laptop ISP help?

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Why don't you contact them, maybe they are a wireless ISP, and you
need to have service with them before you'll get out to the internet.

If you call up a Webpage when connected to them, what do you get?

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