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I'm looking into buying a notebook and realized that a long,
international warranty is going to be important for me, as I am
probably moving to India in one year for a period of two years. (and
I'm a consultant so I use my notebooks heavily).

Dell told me, surprisingly, that they probably wouldn't honour my Dell
warranty in India as they are not supposed to even sell me a laptop in
the states if I tell them I'm going to India with it (something about
India being 'non-compliant'). HP has 3 year global warranties on their
business laptops like their NCxxxx and NXxxxx models, with only 1 year
global warranties available on personal machines like Pavilion (mail
in, with next day on site available). I tried to get them to confirm
that I would be able to get the same service in New Delhi, but the best
they could do was give me HP's number in Bangalore, which of course I
couldn't get through to.

Please reply if you have any of the following experience / information:
1. Experience with global warranties in India for HP (or any other
2. Experience using HP global warranties in general in developing
3. Experience with other laptop manufacturers warranties in other
3. You know of reliable people that service laptops in Delhi quickly
(assuming I can't get the warranty service I require).

I've been to India a couple of times before, so I know enough to know
that it could be confusing getting my laptop fixed.

Thanks (and/or shukriya),

Re: Laptop International Warranties

Toshiba international warrantee is pretty good.

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Re: Laptop International Warranties

My experience with Compaq (before the HP takeover) has been pretty good
in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

In 1994 I bought a Compaq laptop in the UK with a three year worldwide
warranty. In that three year period, the keyboard was replaced once (for
free) and the floppy drive was replaced once (charged Indian Rupees 5000
-- about US $120 -- by the authorised service provider CMC, ostensibly for
Indian customs duties). At that time Compaq had no office of their own in

In 1998 I bought another Compaq laptop (Armada series) in the US with a
three year world-wide warranty. By then Compaq had their own outfit
in Kolkata. The power cord blew the first time I used it in India and the
hard-disk died after two years.  Both were replaced for free by Compaq.
But on each occasion it took two weeks for the replacement to arrive.

The situation nowadays ought to be much better as laptops are evry popular
in India now. I know that ACER, IBM and HP maintain their own offices in
Kolkata. It is possibly better in New Delhi.

Amitava Raychaudhuri

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