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Okay I am wanting to get a laptop for christmas, here is what I would like to
have included, although not all these choices are must haves, the best
combination of all for a good price is what im looking for ... what do you all
think .. please send me some suggestions:

- lots of memory
- good speed
- good modem / internet peckage
- DVD player
- CD burnder
- DVD burner
- good speakers (either built in or add on)
- external mouse
- Camera (with video and picture capability)
- good screen with clear picture
- carrying case
- good battery life / battery hook up
- good size, not to small not too big
-  price. somewhere between 1000 - and 2500

i will be using this mostly for dvd watching, cd/dvd burning, and internet
(browsing and email)

please let me know
thanks in advance

Re: LAPTOP help

hi .. fairly late but still in time. :-)

I don't know for what you need a high speed when you're mostly watching
dvd's and browsing the internet.

usually you pay specially for extras like big memory, high cpu frequency,
special modem (what do you mean with good modem? in a laptop you have
always built in 56k and a lan-port to plug into a local network wherever
you are), camera.

the screens of todays always have a good and clear picture with a
respectfully refresh rate. if you want that your battery longs 1h or 2h
longer than normal, you will have to use centrino technology, which costs
more. using for example a amd would cost less and your battery would last
up to 3h (if you're working on it, reading cd-rom / dvd would decrease
this time drastically - if you're watching a dvd I'm fairly sure no
battery can survive more than 1h)

an external mouse is mostly already in the package - and even if not - it
costs a few $ :-)

may you could need a special format for watching dvds? usually the screen
is sized 4:3. but there are laptops on the market which have 16:9 like a

anyway it would be useful talking with a guy from a shop that knows the
actual prices and knows which laptops would be the right for you .. when
he tries to sell you a laptop that costs more than 1300 .. I don't know
how much it is in $ as I'm european .. don't buy it because you have more
than you need in your laptop. ;-) I've spent 1350 on mine in july and
it's working perfectly with all games, 3d development tools, watching
dvd's and whatever I want ..

regards, k.

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