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I have a Gateway laptop and the power button broke on it. What is the
best way to get the files from the hard drive so I can put them on
another computer or CD? If you need any other information just let me

Thanks, Sharon

Re: Laptop Hard drive...

On Sun, 23 Dec 2007 16:34:47 -0600, snt2300

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Assuming that you can't operate the laptop at all, I guess you'd first
have to remove the laptop's hard drive. Once that is accomplished, it
then depends on what hardware you have available. Basically, your
choices seem to be:
1. An adapter that allows you to install the laptop drive in a desktop
as an IDE drive. They sell for about $5. This isn't the easiest method
since it involves opening the desktop machine and installing another
drive in it.
2. A USB adapter that connects to the laptop drive. They sell for
about $15-20. This allows you to connect the bare drive to the USB
connection on another computer.
3. A housing in which you install the laptop drive, thus making it a
"portable" external drive. Again, you then simply connect it to
another computer. These vary a lot in price, but I've seen them on
sale for as little as $20.

Or, I guess you could just take the laptop to a good computer service
dealer and have him extract the data for you.

Charlie Hoffpauir

Re: Laptop Hard drive...

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or just repair the power button................

Re: Laptop Hard drive...

Me wrote:
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No, extract the data one way or the other (and the above suggestions are
quite valid) and then, and ONLY then, repair the power button ... Unless
you are a professional (but you would not be posting this kind of
question), attempting to repair anything on a laptop is risky business.
Play it safe.

John Doue

Re: Laptop Hard drive...

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I was referring to Charlie saying take it to a computer service dealer to
which I said repair the power button...............meaning the service

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