Laptop hangs if moved.

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I have a Dell Latitude CPi PII 300 Mhz laptop,
It was sent to me by courier by one of my friends
It worked fine fore 2 months, all of a sudden i started getting this
problem that it used to hang up if i move it, i have to keep power
switch pressed to switch it off.
And after that it wont switch ON at one go.

I repaired it and guy told me that its parts are loosed so he has
tighten them up and placed them right, it worked fine for some time
than again same problem appeared.
And before switching it ON, i must press the keyboard using my hands
and then it boots.

This is awkward, but i was using it like desktop and it cant be used
like laptop because once u move it, it wont come back easily.

Any suggestions.

Re: Laptop hangs if moved.

you have a poorly-seated CPU.  it's very very common on the dell CP
series - the processor is push-fitted into the socket, and it works
loose.  later revisions had some little metal clips fitted that held it
down, and these were also retrofitted to any warranty repairs due to
this issue.
pressing in the O/P area of the keyboard usually fixes it, sometimes
permanently.  if it doesn't, take the keyboard off (5 screws
underneath, lift out carefully after unclipping RHS of keyboard, undo
ribbon cable) and have a look.  on some models the heatsink above it is
screwed in and sometimes these work loose - if this doesn't fix it,
remove heatsink and inspect.  sometimes a wedge between heatsink and
casing (not heatsink and cpu!) will sort it out: make sure it can cope
with getting hot though - i.e. don't use cardboard).

if it's not this, the other very common thing is screws on underside
working loose due to the weight of the battery, causing casing flex
when you move.  putting a blob of nail varnish on the thread and
screwing them up tight fixes this.

hope this helps,

Re: Laptop hangs if moved.

ric wrote:
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Thank You Ric, this is very helpful. Now i know the reason...  :)

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