Laptop freezes when using two PCMCIA cards

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   Hello group!

   I have an old Asus F7400 laptop with a PII processor running Windows XP
SP2. The laptop has two PCMCIA adapters (Texas Instruments PCI-1220 CardBus
Controller). One of them is being used for a long time with a network card
(Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100) without any problems. For the other
one, I recently bought a two ports USB 2.0 card (Conceptronic CSP480C2) for
connecting an external storage device and/or a digital camera. However,
about 1 minute after I plug any USB device to one of the USB ports, the
computer just freezes and nothing else happens until I remove the newtork
card. I have already checked for updates of the drivers of all the related
components, but that only confirmed that all the drivers being used are up
to date.

   Besides buying a decent computer, does anyone have any other suggestions
or ideas about what the problem might be and how (if) it can be solved?

   Thanks in advance,

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