Laptop for VS 2008 and SQL 2005??

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of buying a laptop time this time and I was wondering if
anyone has any experience with running VisualStudio 2008 and MSSQL
2005 on a laptop? Please include your processor, and memory as well.

I'm looking at this one which has 2 Gigs RAM.

Thank you

Re: Laptop for VS 2008 and SQL 2005?? wrote:
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IMO, practically any notebook with a dual core chip will be
satisfactory. VS and MSSQL are in reality pretty benign in terms of
computing requirements.  Again, IMO, since you'll be doing a lot of text
editing, a good keyboard and a display that is comfortable and has
enough real estate for decent viewing are more significant requirements
than is raw computing power.  The 2GB RAM is good, for whatever purpose.

That said, you might find that Vista is in itself an impediment with all
of its bells and whistles so that Vista Ultimate is a waste.  You might
find yourself turning off the eye candy as I have.  An XP notebook will
be more productive - if you can find one!  On that note, you probably
should look into the business versions of notebooks from HP, Dell, etc.
that are built more robustly than are some of the consumer-level
notebooks.  Many of these still come with 4:3 screens rather than the
16:9 screens. I find a 4:3 screen better for editing on since it
displays more text length.

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