Laptop for live Rhodes samples?

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I have a Rhodes Mk II Stage 73 electric piano.  It is great, but its
inconvenience, continual need for mainentance and occasional
unreliability have caused me to consider a rhodes emulation.

I want to get as close to the sound of a real Rhodes as I can.  But I
also want to start getting into effects so that I can get some new and
interesting sounds (I have never used effects on my Rhodes apart from a
bit of overdrive on my Peavey Classic 30 guitar amp).

The new setup would be used almost exclusively for live gigs.

I read on the Rhodes Supersite that the Scarbee R.  S.  P. sample
library contains sounds which are the closest you can get by far to a
real rhodes.  I also read that the MrRay Seventy Three V.  S.  T.
plugin comes quite close as well.  I have also heard that the new Nord
Stage has great Rhodes sounds.

So at the moment, I am leaning towards buying a laptop and the Scarbee
sample library.  If I did that then I would probably buy the Scarbee
Vintage Keyboard FX plugin as well.  I also read  about something
called Receptor, which sounds pretty cool, but I don't fully understand
it or know if it would be useful to me.

Pretty much all I would want to do is play the Scarbee samples live
using my controller keyboard (Kurzweil PC2x) and experiment with
different effects on the computer.  At the moment I do a little bit of
MIDI sequencing on my home computer using the PC2x just for the
purposes of seeing how things sound before I take them in to real
musicians; I don't record audio or anything because my computer is
pretty old and not very fast.  I would like to continue doing that, but
apart from that I'm not really that keen to get into full-on
professional recording and sequencing etc.

Can anybody tell me how I go about acheiving this; what I should buy;
how I should set it all up, etc?  Or could you point me in the
direction or a resource which would explain all this to someone who
hasn't got much of a clue?  Also, if you think I am heading in the
wrong direction re. soft-synths, and think that I should get a Nord or
Nord Rack and some effects pedals etc. please let me know.

Thankyou in advance for any feedback.

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