Laptop for heavy processing ? Need Expert Help..

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I'm sure you get the 'which laptop should I get question all the
time'... but I could really uses some good advice.

I need a desktop replacement....
price range 1,500 to 2,000ish

I am a GIS database programmer and need alot of Prossessor and Ram....
I will be doing heavy GIS and Modeling type stuff.
Ok...first I have been told .... the Centrinos 1.8 is realy like a P4
3.4.. Is that true or is it only true when you are doing internet
shopping and mindsweeper. I understand the trade off betwween battery
life and the processor but Im not sure I care very much about the
battery. I really what the most bang I can get.

Second.. I want the 17inch monitor ...So far Im quite fond of the new

3rdly Is the bottle neck going to be the Hard drive reguardless?

So to recap.
price range - 1500 to 2000ish
Weight - under 10
Processor - Need help here
Screen size - 17 inch prefered
battery life - must have 2hrs
*Must support Duel monitors (most do)


Re: Laptop for heavy processing ? Need Expert Help.. wrote:
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Your work involving mountains of data will benefit greatly, IMO, from a
fast HD.  Most laptops you see in stores still have 4200rpm drives that
frankly cripple performance.  A large 7200 rpm drive will make all the
difference in any application that is data driven.

You know your requirements better than anyone so you might have a look
at the CPU/chipset performance benchmarks on and .  Some processors are better at one benchmark
algorithm than on others and one of the benchmarks might be more in line
with the work you do.

For pure raw processing power, do not ignore the AMD 64 laptops.  The
AMD 64 generally outperforms other laptop CPUs even on 32-bit code.
Check the above links for the comparisons.


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