Laptop for C++ programmer?

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I use my laptop mainly for email and web browsing but, every once in a while
when I'm travelling, I have to do a little work.  My current laptop is a 7
or 8-year-old Toshiba Tecra 500 CDT.  Working on it drives my crazy, because
it is so slow.

I know I need:
  - XP Pro
  - >20Gb hard drive
  - CD R/W + DVD reader
  - 512 Gb RAM?

I can't find a web site that lets my fill in those specs, then compare
everything else.  They all want to compare price, which is not all that

Can anyone help?


Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

The World has changed since your 500 CDT.

Nowadays, u pick your favorite brand, THEN u order the notebook with
whatever memory, hdd space etc you want.  It's custom order to your

The more or less fixed items are the cpu, video, but everything else
it's just what u ask for.

Psssh..... Nike let u custom order your own shoes now.

Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

512 Gb of RAM is an aweful lot...

Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

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No, it's not.

My photographer friend using photoshop cs2 wants 1 GIG in his machine
and I can see why.

What do u do with your notebook?

Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

I was referring to the "Gb" (misused instead of "MB").

Sorry for the confusion at my sad attempt at humor.

Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

bobb wrote:

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Well, 512 Gb is approximately 64 GB which is 64 times times more than your
photographer friend wants, which sounds like an awful lot to _me_.
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to email, dial "usenet" and validate
(was jclarke at eye bee em dot net)

Re: Laptop for C++ programmer?

dick.dickmonahan@com (Dick Monahan) wrote in

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I don't think you'll find a single Web site that compares among
brands, but you can usually do what you want by visiting each maker's
Web site.

For example, go to /, select "Notebooks & Tablet
PCs", then select "HP Pavilion notebook PCs", and then select "Find
it by specs", where you can fill in the features you want (you get
Compaq PCs at the same time).

Similarly, you can still go to the "Let me build it" selection on
IBM's Web site even though they sold their laptop division some time

Bert Hyman | St. Paul, MN |

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