Laptop fans not working

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Ok, so here's the story...

Last fall I fell asleep with my laptop on my bed, and when I awoke it
was on the floor, inoperable.  I deduced the power supply was broken.
Icalled local computer repair shops, and they all wanted like $80 just
to look it at.  So I ended up buying a new laptop within the week.

I ended up opening up the broken laptop myself, and soldering the
broken power connector.  When I put it back together, and turned it on
everything seemed to be working fine.  After ten minutes, I noticed how
hot it was getting, and soon after realized the fans weren't running.

I've taken it apart, and put it back together a couple times since and
can't seem to seem why they aren't working.  The power cables are
connected to both fans.

The laptop in question is a Compaq Presario 2500.  I assume that since
everything else working fine, the soldering job isn't the problem.
Could someone point me to a program to test the fans, or suggest a
possible course of action?



Re: Laptop fans not working

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,

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Laptop fans don't run continuously - they only run when a certain
temperature is exceeded so that cooling is required.

Chances are that there's a problem with either the temperature sensor or the
logic which switches the fans on when required. If you always run from the
mains, and don't mind the extra noise, you may be able to by-pass the sensor
and logic so that the fans run all the time.
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Re: Laptop fans not working

Have you tried replacing the fan yourself?

Replace the faulty one, with one that is definitely working.  This
would determine that it is something to do with the sensor or something
else.  Have you checked all the connections and is the fan seated

Good Luck
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