Laptop dvdr drive replacement

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Hi all.

I've got an Acer Aspire 1520 laptop and the dvd burner drive is not
Problem is that the led of drive does'nt stop blinking (even when the
laptop is booting up and the OS has not been loaded yet). The drive is
not recognized by the OS and the disc cannot be ejected.

I think problem is with the dvd drive, but I'm not 100% sure that the
problem is with the socket where the drive is plugged in, and not the
drive itself.

I've disarmed the laptop, verified that the drive is correctly plugged
in the socket, and verified that the slim bus that goes from the plug of
the drive to the chips of the drive is ok....

I've assumed (with no proof) that the spoiled device is the drive itself
  and I've googled in order to find a replacement. Problem is that I
don't  know what specifications I have to know to be sure that the new
drive will work on my laptop...

My drive looks like this one:
but, should the drive that I'll buy fit any specical criteria? I've it
were a desktop laptop, I could ask jusk for an "IDE bus dvdr drive", but
since it's a laptop, I don't know if each manufacturer uses different

model is:
toshiba samsung storage corporation
model no. TS-l532A

Thanks a lot and excuse me if my English is too bad.

Re: Laptop dvdr drive replacement

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Why take a chance...might as well order the replacement from Toshiba or one
of their authorized dealers

Re: Laptop dvdr drive replacement

Not good enough (Toshiba is the drive manufacturer).  To be sure that it
works, you have to get it from the LAPTOP manufacturer.  They use custom
bezels, and sometimes custom configuration.

philo wrote:
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Re: Laptop dvdr drive replacement

This is a tough problem because the only way to be sure that what you
get will work is to get it from the laptop manufacturer as a spare part.
  Even if you buy a TS-1532A, it may not work:  The laptop makers have
custom bezels, and some of them have custom configuration of master /
slave / cable select that can't be easily changed.  On the other hand, a
Generic TS-1532A, or even a generic drive of some other brand or model
MIGHT work just fine.  There is just no way to find out for sure other
than by trying it.

Sergio T.P. wrote:
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