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Have a friend who has a Dell lattitude, cpxh500gt.  Has the interchangeable
floppy & cd rom, and he was asking if  there is a dvd player that would fit
this particular model. Has tried ebay with no luck he says, so thought I
would ask here. Thought You guys might know where to point him if there is
one. Thanks.

Re: laptop dvd drive

G'day Eddie

There is a DVD available for that model......I have a CPxH450Gt that is
for sale and one of the upgrades was to be a DVD but I chose to get
another notebook instead.

Anyway, I have a case for a 2nd HDD for the module bay...not sure if the
interface is the same, if so your friend might want to buy the DVD and
put it into this case?  Someone with more knowledge in that area might
be able to reply??

I also have other CPxH I'll email you direct with info
if you are interested?  Indicate here so I don't bother you unnecessarily.

Bronwyn ;-)

Eddie wrote:
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Re: laptop dvd drive

Probably.  Laptop optical drives (CD, CD-RW, DVD, DVD burners) have some
degree of standardization, but it's not total.  The biggest issues are
mechanical and involve the bezel.  Unfortunately, there is no good
answer to this other than trying things, because the bezels are often
custom even on known drives.  That is, even if you get a drive that was
actually used by Dell in that particular model, it will either come with
no bezel (door plastics) or the "wrong" bezel/plastics, and these are
not interchangeable between different drives, and sometimes not even
between different drives made by the same drive maker.  Some "generic"
bezels will work, others won't.  You may also run into several other
issues including master/slave jumpering and mounting hole and connector
issues (but the mounting holes and connectors are largely standardized).

Eddie wrote:

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