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I'm shopping for a new laptop.  I want one with a non-glare display.  For
some reason ALL the laptops I see in the stores have displays with a glossy
finish.  If I wanted to look at myself, I'd buy a cheap mirror!   A few
years ago, all the laptops had non-glare displays.  What happened?  It looks
like if I want a good display I will have to order a Dell online.   Anybody
else disappointed in the new laptops?   Also, it looks like a lot of desktop
LCD displays are going to the reflective look.

Re: Laptop Displays

SA wrote:
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I could not agree more with you. If I understand correctly,
manufacturing costs and buyer stupidity played a role in this evolution.
I think the only way to get a "matte" finish is to buy into the business
lines of some manufacturers.

You did not mention the format of displays, but try buying a traditional
4:3 display ... Having watched so many 16:9 displays extending
horizontally movies in a usual format without watchers even noticing or
caring (of course, fat people look even fatter but who notices?), no
wonder manufacturers have it their way. Same conclusion. Go for the
profesional lines of HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

And yes, you are right, this is happening too for desktop displays. I
inadvertently bought an Acer x203W, thinking I was buying the same
display as an Acer 1916 I already have. Both are matte but I immediately
noticed the 16:9 one is noticeably less bright than the 4:3 one. Since I
very seldom use my desktops to watch movies - I am one of those old
geezers who use a TV for that ! - the extra width is of really not
benefit for me.

Some will argue that manufacturers do not insist long on selling
products which are not popular. Although there is some truth in this,
the lack of real choice is still frustrating.


John Doue

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