Laptop display doesn't

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I have an older (AMD 333) Compaq Presario 1255 which just today decided not
to display.  The backlight appears to still work as the screen gets bright
but the excitement ends there.  It will occasionally display when it is only
part way open, but then goes out again.  What I am wondering is what is
probably wrong and if there is any hope, or if it is time to say goodbye.
thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Re: Laptop display doesn't

MWarren wrote:
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sounds like your display cable is broke or pulled out of it's connector.
Take it apart and look around...if you're mechanically and electrically

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Re: Laptop display doesn't

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My HP LCD went south 6 weeks out of warranty.  Something about an inverter?
Original quote from local HP authorized service center was $900 plus $100
labor (half the price of a new one).  Then they said they found an alternate
source where the inverter alone was $150 plus the $100 which I okayed (the
$900 quote had all of it lumped together from HP).

Then they called and said that part didn't fix it so they mailed it off to
HP.  It came back about 1 week later for a new total of $310 (shipping and
stuff).  Works okay now, but there was no invoice with the laptop (I think
they hide that form the customer so they don't see the markup).

Good luck.  I've owned two of these laptops and they just seem to go bad
right out of warranty:  battery, LCD (which gradually dims with age or just
fails outright), or whatever.  Makes one wonder....?


Re: Laptop display doesn't

The cable connecting the LCD in the lid to the base has probably failed.
  This was a common failure in some older Compaq machines (486's), but I
thought that the systematic problems had been resolved.  These cables
can be VERY expensive (some were $150).

MWarren wrote:
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