Laptop Crashing at load up

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I nuked and paved my laptop the other day, when i updated my drivers
and rebooted, it will load till it checks my hd then the system
hangs/stall ...seize-up. I can get the num, cap lock to work and reboot
with ctrl-alt-del, but unable to access the bios. I have taken out the
small battery (quarter size) and tried to flash the cmos but to no

 what are my options here? can i create a bootable cd to get it to run
or try to flash the bios with an updated bios (if available) or try to
find a boot image and use that? how can i rollback the drivers if


Re: Laptop Crashing at load up

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What brand and model is the laptop?

What version of Windows are we dealing with?

Will the laptop boot to safe mode?

Is there any data on the laptop to be saved?


Re: Laptop Crashing at load up

No driver is going to prohibit you to POST or get into the BIOS in
itself.  I'm thinking the driver you're referring to was something
that perhaps overclocked or heated something up too an extent where
you're screwed.  Considering you pulled the battery and reset the
CMOS, if there's something you can do to fix this issue it's blind to
me.  Perhaps you went into the BIOS around the same time you updated
some drivers and that's why it's not booting correctly... and if
that's the case, your fix is still blind to me.

Re: Laptop Crashing at load up

it's an alienware area-51, i was running vista on it then reformated
and loaded xp home. I can't load into safe mode or even get into
BIOS, I wasn't able to mess around in BIOS, as it was a fresh

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