Laptop Crashing

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I have a HP Pavilion ZX5000,
Windows XP,  Home Edition,
Pentium 3.0 GHZ
512MB Memory
80GB Hard Drive.

I purchase this HP Pavilion Laptop on July 2004 and never had a problem
until now.  When I have the laptop turned on regardless of what program is
open it has been shutting down on me without warning.

At times a blue screens appears momentary then continues to shut down.  I
took a glance at the blue screen before it continue to shut down and it said
there was a hardware conflict and is shutting down to prevent the computer
from crashing.

Since I purchase the laptop I did not ad any hardware to the laptop,
everything is original from the factory.  I formatted the hard drive and
reinstalled the original software that came with the laptop.  While
installing the drivers that came with the laptop the same thing started
happening again by shutting down on me and that same blue screen appearing
before shutting down.

I formatted the hard drive a second time but the same thing started
happening again.  I don't know what else to do at this point.  Please Help.

Sincerely: Albert

Re: Laptop Crashing

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There are two places for finding the error message: Administrative Tools
Control Panel, Event Viewer, Application, Security, and System logs.
Review each and find the error that is described there and then post it

Secondly, System Control Panel, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery
Settings button, check Write an even to the system log and uncheck
Automatically restart.  This might provide the opportunity to copy down
the blue screen error description to post here.

Hardware crashes are typically RAM failure, hard drive failure, and CPU
overheating.  Google for memtest86.exe and run an extended RAM test.
Download the drive health utility from the HD vendor (not the laptop
vendor) and run it.  If the laptop is a P4 of any speed, it is possible
that the cooling system is obstructed and must be cleaned.


Re: Laptop Crashing

How's the battery?  Mine only last about one year and the one in my HP now
loses power so quick that it shuts down much as yours is doing with very
little warning.  Actually, the warning is in the tray and when I notice it
at 0% I cannot exit fast enough before it shuts down.
I set the Power Sliders up to around 7% for warning but it still exits
(crashes) quick.  Guess I need a new battery -- again.


Re: Laptop Crashing

On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 00:21:04 GMT, "ALBERT FLORES"

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Probably overheating.  See if you can blow canned air backwards
through the fan, might be a good idea to stick something in the fan to
keep it from spinning when you do this, with the computer off of

Re: Laptop Crashing

Thermal issues are surfacing on the HP  ZX,ZV,ZD, And twin Compaqs as
well.. RAM slots have been seen, Hard drives failing soon after
warranty expiration, Video issues , FET's in the supply line's, and
the Notorius power jacks failing .. These will be a big problem soon
and first thing to check is hdd failure. Then look to RAM slots.
(BSOD's).  DC jack failure will lead to a dying or shutdown scenario
but not generally a Blue-screen shutoff or (BSOD). If you need help
just yell. Were geting a ton of these in w/issues..  Google MOBMETER
Its a free download to check  the temp, Charging, Speed and current
usage of most laptops. 85-90C would be the thermal cutoff for the ZV
Mobile P-4.. If it gets anywhere near 75? Shut it down and blow the
vents out as suggested with the power and battery pulled. (Canned air
can spray water as well and if this happens let it dry before turning
on overnite) Good luck owners!

Re: Laptop Crashing

I own a Fujitsu N3010, since 2003, I would like to know how to open
the laptop to check out the fan and also clean what ever is cause it
to over-heat. I just downloaded MobileMeter for the laptop to check
the temp. I also, built my own laptop chill mat which runs two fans(4
1/2" x 4 1/2" each), which are use for desktop towers, powered by a
12VDC AC adaptor. It currently keeps a steady temp of 74.0C when I
burn DVDs on the laptop. I would like to get the temp lower so that I
am able to play WoW. Please help.

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