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Just a general question about laptop cpu's. I'm looking into buying a laptop
soon. However, I'm considering chosing a cheaper model that has a less
powerfull cpu and less ram and later on, if my needs be more demanding, have
the possibility to upgrade to more ram and a more powerful cpu.
Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to determine what maximum cpu
various laptops can accept. Is there a way to find out? For example, if I
buy a laptop with a core duo T2080, how could I know if a C2D T7200 would
work? any way to find out before buying if a laptop would take 667 fsb vs
thanks all

Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

get one with the best cpu you can afford upgrading cpu's can be tricky/
memory on the other hand is easy.

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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

Rank wrote:
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This question pops up all the time.  The answer is determined by the
answer to a few HONEST answers to some simple questions:

Do you have a defined computing need?  Or do you just want a new toy?

For many of us, the buck stops here...we want a new toy...where's my
credit card?

IF you want a new toy, take your credit card and go buy something shiny.

If you have a computing need, define it.
Is there a hard performance limit?  For example, you're not gonna play
DVD's on a 200MHz cpu.  That's a hard performance requirement you must
exceed.  If you wanna run Vista...there are some hard hardware
requirements.  If you gotta read blue-ray disks, there ain't no
gettin' around a blue-ray drive.

Most requirements are soft.  Ok, I can compress MP3's 20% faster if I
double my cpu clock rate (leave everything else the same).  So what?
How much money am I willing to pay for that?  I can brag to my buddies.
How much are you willing to pay for that?

What about the future?  It'll probably be another five years before
microsoft decides to turn your world upside down and obsolete your
hardware.  An upgrade probably won't fix that anyway.

And what about those hardware upgrades?  The vendor has moved on three
generations.  They're not interested in speeding up your old machine.
They want to sell you a new one.  Ditto for software.

If you initially buy an upgrade from the typically puny ram you get with
it outa the box, there's not much else to be done cost effectively.
I've been known to upgrade a processor module from 433 to 650 MHz, but
ONLY because someone gave me a dead donor machine.  In a blind test
on typical uses, you'd be hard pressed to tell that the speed increased.

So, buy the machine that does what you need today and/or can clearly
indentify in the near future.
NEVER, EVER expect that a useful laptop hardware upgrade will be cost
effective...exctpt for ram...maybe...

But the best deals are on used obsolete machines.  If you can stay
3 years behind the peak, you can buy $20 machines instead of $2000
machines.  Let someone else take the depreciation.  Most of us have
WAY more laptop than we really need.

When you get right down to it, we'd probably prefer longer battery
life or more reliability over blazing speed.  My laptop already
spits fire out the fan exit.  Can't imagine putting a faster processor
in it.

Having said all that...most of us are gonna go buy the shiny one. ;-)
That's how we keep the economy (of China) running.

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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

Re: "If you can stay 3 years behind the peak, you can buy $20 machines
instead of $2000 machines."

I deal in used laptops.  3 year old machines are still mostly $300 to
$600.  You don't get down to the $20 range until a decade or so.  $20
MIGHT get you a Pentium I or Pentium MMX (generally 266MHz or slower),

mike wrote:
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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

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I never paid more than $600 for a brand new laptop over the past 23
years. Buy cheap and often I say. This is the biggest secret out there.


Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

I have sold used laptops for more than I paid for them new more than 6
months earlier; I have sold 2 and 3 year old laptops for 80% of what I
paid for them new.  The market is not rational, and many times both
sellers and buyers act out of ignorance or at least incomplete knowledge.

BillW50 wrote:
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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

Barry Watzman wrote:
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I'd have to agree with "mostly" cause the mostly price is defined by
dealers selling to uninformed and unskilled consumers and/or
ebay dwellers with more money than sense.  Many of the readers
here are far more skilled.

But BEST is another story entirely...
I guess my BEST is better than your BEST ;-)

usb2 firewire 1400x1050 15" 802.11G $20


433MHz 256MB 5.1GB CD/Floppy, 15" 1400x1050 Docking Station $3

466MHz 192MB cd/floppy  no hd $1

400MHz Apple Powerbook G4 256MB no HD no ac supply $ be fair,
Apple spare parts are EXPENSIVE.  I was into this one $15 by the time
I got it all the missing parts.  Apple-Rookie mistake.
Won't do that again.

All with good batteries.

Not state of the art, but quite usable by 90% of non-gamers.

And yes, there's usually some minor problem that needs fixing.

But if you read the complaints about ebay purchases, even the
HIGH priced laptops usually have undisclosed problems.

There does appear to be a psychological price floor of a buck
for stuff slower than 400MHz...unless they're free.

As always, if your time is valuable, go buy the shiny new one and be
done with it.  If you like to tinker, deals can be had.

You won't find 'em from someone who deals in used laptops or on
ebay, but they're out there.
Used laptop dealers can't afford to buy 'em at $300-$600.


Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

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And where do you get these $20 laptops mate? I'm planning to settle
down for a new D630 just because I'm not able to find cheap used
laptops (at least in India).

Re: Laptop cpu upgrade wrote:
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garage sales, swapmeets, Craigslist.
India is a problem...Price you pay for living in cheap stuff.

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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

There is no way of knowing the answer to your question, and laptop CPU
upgrades are problematic.

Case in point:  The Toshiba 1410/1415 (Celeron) is apparently identical
to the 2410/2415 (full Pentium 4); so identical that they use the same
BIOS and the same service manual.  But when I took a CPU from a 2415 and
put it into a 1415, the computer wouldn't even POST.  Both computers and
both CPUs known good.  However, I was able to upgrade the CPU in the
1415 from a 1.8GHz Celeron to a 2.0GHz Celeron.

There is simply no way to find out (other than by trying it) what
upgrades are possible.  You are at the mercy of both physical
limitations (e.g. there is valid reason why the upgrade could not work,
although you may not be able to find out what that reason is), and
artificial limitations that the manufacturer may have implemented solely
for the purpose of preventing such upgrades.

Also, it is very difficult to get most mobile CPUs, or even to get
enough information to determine what CPUs might be upgrade candidates.

Rank wrote:
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Re: Laptop cpu upgrade

I see. So I guess I'll go and buy according to my needs right now and simply
hope it will accept something faster in the not so far future should my
needs require. And  I guess I'll have to repost on forums once I buy the
laptop and see who has the same laptop and did an upgrade. If only upgrading
was as simple as a home pc.

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