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HI Quick and probaly dumb question, can i use a wet cloth to clean my
laptop sceeen?

I have a Sony VAIO

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Re: Laptop Cleaning

The cloth has to be VERY soft.  The recommended cleaner is eyeglass
cleaner of the type sold in spray bottles at optical stores, Sears and
warehouse clubs (Sams, etc.).  You can use Windex occasionally (1 to 3
times per year or so), but it's harsh (although very effective as a
cleaner) and can cause yellowing of the plastic that makes up the outer
layer of most LCD screens if used too often.

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Re: Laptop Cleaning

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I use a tissue and warm water. i heard too many "household cleaner"
horror stories to trust anything else to it. (though some are ok)

Heres a handy link that may help you out:


Re: Laptop Cleaning

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Very useful website - thanks

Re: Laptop Cleaning

I keep a very soft brush around for dusting the VDU, and never ever
touch it except for cleaning.  In my experience, in an office
environment any the sticky c**p on the screen comes from exactly two

- fingerprints (I now bark at ppl touching my screen)

- sneezing/coughing (the yucky truth).

If you never touch the screen and brush dust off, cleaning intervals
can become very long indeed.

If you're a guy, you may need a girlfriend / wife / crossdressing male
mate to forget a blush brush at your place. If you're a gal, you may
have an old one laying around.

If you are a celibate non-making-up person of either gender or both,
paint brushes are OK to, and much cheaper than the cosmetic variety.

Food brushes may be good too.

Re: Laptop Cleaning

just a moist cloth or you can go to a store like best buy and get
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