Laptop charger problem

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Compaq Presario R3000

1. Laptop runs fine on battery (about 25 minutes).
2. Laptop charges battery OK from mains - when the laptop is off
(haven't timed it though).
3. When the battery is in and power lead connected, laptop starts but
runs off battery.
4. When battery is out and power lead connected, laptop starts and then
stops after few seconds, either during post or just when Windows XP
starts loading - like it would run out of power.

First suspected some interruption on the charger leads - so opened up
charger and resoldered connections, opened up laptop and changed dc
socket on motherboard, and changed and resoldered dc plug coming from
charger. Re-measured all connections with volt/ohm meter. Charger
supplies required voltage - 18.5 V. I haven't figured out if it still
supplies the required Amps.

Bought a non-Compaq/generic charger and tried it (according to
supplier, should fit the above laptop model fine) - but I get exact
same simptoms. I don't know if the new charger introduces some extra
unwanted variables in the equation - because it reads: "DC Output:
18-24V" (variable voltage then?) and it's only 6A as opposed to
original at 6.5A.

Any ideas are appreciated. Please let me know if you need extra

Many thanks.

Re: Laptop charger problem

Sounds like a problem in the charging circuit, which is usually on the
motherboard but in some models it's in the charger.  Your description of
the generic charger sounds very, very suspicious, what kind is it?  What
kind of connector does the charger to computer connection have (e.g. is
it just a 2-wire "barrel" or "coaxial" connector, or does it have a
number of pins)? wrote:

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Re: Laptop charger problem

The generic charger reads:

"2-power 120W AC Adapter
Part Number CAA0631C
Model: EA11203B
AC Input: 100-240V ~ 2.5A, 50-60Hz
DC Output: 18-24V 6.0A 120W Max
                  19V 6A typical"

The connector to the computer is a 2.5mm barrel/pin - with two cables
inside the lead - and the lead is coax type (with one inner core, and
one outer layer).

Re: Laptop charger problem

It doesn't make sense that the output is given as a range unless it's
adjustable in some way.  24 volts would probably fry most 18 or 19 volt
laptops. wrote:

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Re: Laptop charger problem

The 2-power branded AC adapter, CAA0631C is a "Universal AC Adapter".
It has a wide voltage range.  The tip, which plugs into the laptop is
removable.  That particular tip fits many other models including Compaq
R3000.  The tip indicates/specifies the correct voltage.  All 2-power
products are covered by 1 year warranty, but depends on the supplier
you purchased from.

In my experience and with Barry Watzman's suggestion it is bound to be
the charging circuit on the mainboard.  It is highly unlikely that two
AC adapters are going to produce the same symptoms especially a new

I hope this is helpful and good luck with your laptop.

Battery Guru

Re: Laptop charger problem

Unfortunatley your R-3000 lappys the same identical systemboard as the
well as ZV series machines. These are plagued w/jack and
supply line issues.
(Look in the Hp section for more info under HP
owners w/bad power jacks).. I
think no more need to be said.. Also
the generic 120 Watt adapter? It is the
correct one for the machine
As they are basically all a 2.5 mm center pin
config.. (Buy it from

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